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Dear fellow Network Marketing Leader,

Most likely, you were searching around the Internet, and accidentally (luckily) found this MLM training website.

So you know, I do not cater here to the lowest  denominator of ability. Or else, this training site would have to be reduced to …

“You just go out and tell everybody you know, your friends and family! Make your list! Let’s do them three-way calls and get-em in! Get going! If they’re living, and three-feet around you, they’re a prospect for the greatest, most exploding opportunity on planet Earth!”

(If I hear the word “exploding” again in a sentence having to do with our industry, I’m going to … <sigh>)

If I REDUCED my training to a low level, not only would I be sacrificing my own integrity by not sponsoring on my ability level or above (which you know to do as a leader), but I’d also be insulting your intelligence by talking down to you by presuming you’re naive or have a hard time understanding real marketing.

So I won’t be writing to you here assuming you’re a village idiot or uneducated. I’ll let other leaders do that if they wish. This site is meant for network marketing professionals and those who want to get there.

What you will find here is authenticity. In other words, “being REAL,” … without the B.S. I’m sure you’d rather have the truth told to you instead of the “every thing is easy and perfect” fluff, or high-pitched hype.

My presumption is you’re already a self-motivated, ambitious entrepreneur. You don’t need to be “pumped up” every day from others to get you into action mode. You’re naturally always ready to do the next best required action. However, you want to make sure you’re not wasting your time. You know, time is money!

Next, you won’t find a “simple” one-size-fits-all marketing system here. I know I’ve had it beat into my head in my 23 year career in network marketing to KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid). Well, that’s a nice catchy phrase, but following that rule is not always easy or even possible.

No matter how you dice it, no such one-size-fits-all marketing system exists for each unique  individual, who has a varying personality type and education.

“THE ONE System” is a Myth.

My experience is, there is no such thing as single-funnel marketing system which, at the touch of a button, caters to all the markets you’re trying to reach. Each system must focus on ONE market (I like to call “your one person”) at a time.

My training site here is targeted to professional men and women network marketing leaders who want to refine their business, and take it to a more refined level. That’s YOU.

You likely didn’t even arrive here from any traditional type of funnel. You “zig-zagged” around the Internet until you finally reached this site, right? And you may not remember the “route” you took to get here.

Or, I could have directly pointed you here, or you found and read one of my articles, and clicked on the home page link to get here.

You just have an inquiring mind. That’s exactly how leaders and entrepreneurs usually find cool and educational stuff. They look in all the cracks! That’s what I do, too. That’s how you find real hidden gems. Hopefully, you’ll count this site as one of your gems.

My presumption is you’re here because you’re attracted to real marketing, and you want to learn how you can apply different strategies and tactics to your network marketing business. That’s exactly what you get here.

My network marketing training site is ultimately meant for my IBO’s  of TLC, first.

For my distributors, I directly pointed them to this site to get trained. However, even if you’re not with me in TLC, or not in TLC at all, you’re still welcome here to our MWG community, and I even encourage you to comment and ask questions as long as you don’t promote your program here.

Not only do I enjoy helping my own group, it’s my pleasure to give back to the network marketing industry, however I can.

Your Prospects or New Distributors are likely asking themselves these Questions


Pondering the difficult MLM Success Questions


As a network marketing professional, you understand your prospects and distributors are thinking about these 12 questions, as they’re in a frenzy of lack of know-how, confusion, and fear  …

1) When will I start making (more) money?

2) What should I do right now?

3) Where do I find the right people to talk to … to sponsor and sell products to?

4) What should I say to my prospects?

5) Where do I go to get real online and offline business training that’s proven to work?

6) Will my sponsor and upline help me? Can they?

7) How can I help my downline?

8) How do I retain my downline?

9) How do I motivate my downline to work?

10) How do I lead my group?

11) Why would somebody join me over somebody else?

12) Would I choose me as my sponsor?

To answer these questions, Marketing Warriors Group (MWG) formed this Life Skills and Network Marketing Business Training Center. Once the “how-to” of these questions are satisfied, you’ll have leaders, and nothing will stop the continued growth of your business.


Who is Marketing Warriors Group?


Marketing Warriors Group is a Life Skills and How-To Network Marketing Training website, which includes 100’s of hours of audio training, books, and articles devoted to helping you smartly market your business, handle the problems of downline attrition and retention, and to help you solve the key reasons why so many network marketers fail in the MLM / network-marketing direct sales industry.

Seemingly unsolvable problems addressed at MWG are;


The Dirty-Dozen Pitfalls Which Prevent Success in Network Marketing …

As a network marketing leader, let your downline know about these 12 Pitfalls. Your downline will respect you for giving them the straight scoop, and you’ll be “wrapping a protective field” around them, so they’ll see if they or anybody in their downline has fallen into one or more of these 12 pits.


1) Failing to choose and join with the right Sponsor and Upline groupMistakes in MLM Network Marketing

2) Lack of professional credibility – No personal website (a disastrous mistake!), and lack of professional appearance

3) No Life Skills Training – (leading to lack of self-motivation and persistence). No leadership skills.

4) Lack of Business Training – little marketing skills, spams others, is too aggressive or obnoxious, and pushes people away

5) Lack of lead generation and marketing systems – No Leads. Failure to follow-up (or know how to)

6) Lack of Sales skills – Failure to pick up the phone and have an authentic conversation. Uses old-school pushy sales techniques to prospects

7) Not treating one’s business seriously enough (treats as a hobby, not as a serious or real business)

8) Hanging with the wrong people in their everyday lives (resulting in stinkin’ thinking in themselves)

9) Spending too much time talking to the wrong people

10) Lack of correct Mindset

11) Lack of Focus (This last one may very well be the biggest trouble spot)

12) Choosing the wrong company: Lack of belief in the products, mission, founders, and leadership

Now do you know why so much emphasis is on training here? The above can be fixed with proper training.

Let’s address #11 right away …

Number 11  is urgent, and a trap network marketing leaders can fall in (including myself), and is a major determining factor to speed of growth. Without laser focus, one never gets their time, goals, priorities, and focus straight, and it’s difficult to get done the actions needing done.

(I know me. I have to catch myself here, as it is really easy to go off into Internet wonderland, and wasting time.)

The 50-minute Focus Finder

Leaders, I urge you to take the time to slow down from your busy-ness, and watch and listen to the video above. The video is there to help you right this minute. If one doesn’t get this one down, nothing else is going to matter.

Next …

The lack of Correct Mindset (#10) is nearly as important as focus. The only reason it’s not is one needs focus before they can correct their mindset. Here are some common mindsets of the common and poor …

You need the proper Mindset to Succeed

The poverty thinking, above, is addressed on this site so network marketing leaders can teach it.

Next …

Stop Focusing on Your Weaknesses – John Maxwell

Find your passion (your WHY), and discover where your strengths are, and focus on increasing them a point or two. One’s climb to success will be much faster (and easier).

I’ve found many network marketing leaders fail to discover their distributors strengths, and then help them plan to utilize them and increase them accordingly, based on their strengths.

I have never had an upline help me with this, or find out what my strengths are. Instead, they lump me in doing what everybody else is doing, which they believe is “best for everybody”. I object to this un-individualized approach.

Of course, one must know themselves well enough to know their weaknesses and strengths. Leaders can help their downline in this process. Maybe I missed the memo, but I’ve never seen this done at any “boot-camps.”

I have a secret: The weaknesses one may believe  they have, may not be true weaknesses at all.

One may have been educated with the wrong information, and based on that wrong information, one struggles!

Where, had you been given the RIGHT information, you wouldn’t be struggling at all. Thus, what you thought was a weakness wasn’t really a weakness at all. Somebody simply gave you the wrong data, and you were operating on a wrong basis.

Fear of Phone and RejectionFor example:

A big barrier for most network marketers is picking up the phone and talking to people. They fear rejection. That’s natural. And it’s NOT a weakness! Who likes rejection? Nobody!

Clearly, unless you’re really thick skinned, you’re not going to do something that continues to destroy your self morale and confidence, are you? I’m not.

The real problem, that very few network marketing leaders talk about, is network marketers are taught to approach the phone in the WRONG way, which literally creates rejection. They self-sabotage themselves, and don’t know it.

Most network marketers are not taught Trust-Based Selling (a new and better way to sell), and so they come across as pushy sales people. Of course, nobody likes to be pressured.

You don’t have to be perceived as a sales person type, IF you’re taught how to use the phone the CORRECT way. (You will learn that here at MWG.)

Once you learn, you’ll discover people will LIKE to talk to you, and you’ll find your conversations a PLEASANT (even electrifying and energizing) experience for you, AND your prospect.

You will build a solid trust with that individual. Only then, will they join you in the opportunity or buy product(s) from you.

If you pressure them, and they join you, I guarantee they’ll be out of the business soon enough. If it was family or a friend, they may have joined you just to be nice, and it had nothing to do with their own “WHY.” You ultimately waste your time by pressuring people.

In the following audio, Vanessa talks about how to truly connect with people, without pressure.

Network Marketing Diva Leaders – this audio will empower you, I promise. Men, don’t shrug this audio off just because it’s a women. Vanessa is AMAZING, as you’ll soon discover. She will have you thinking of things you never thought about.

How to Sky Rocket Your Confidence and Cash Flow – by Vanessa Simpkins



If we had to sum up the entire reason for failure in network marketing, we could say it boils down to lack of PROPER training. Already, there is a lot of MLM training going around. However, is it the proper training which is sufficient enough to really cause effective business growth and success for our downline?

What Duplication Is NOT

We’ve been told, “You must duplicate yourself.” But guess what? You can’t! That’s impossible.

One is their own unique  you, with their own strengths. So isn’t it smart to have others focus their attention on those? Yes.

Perhaps, as a network marketing leader, your strength is in public speaking. Obviously, you’re wise to take advantage of your skill-set, because you’re GOOD at it.

However, would you tell everybody to duplicate you, knowing full well that not everybody can do what you’re doing? Of course not. You’re not duplicating yourself, are you. You can’t. You can’t duplicate you, your personality, your way of saying things, your story, or your skill.

Public speaking is NOT the strength of the majority of people. So why would a network marketing leader run around preaching “duplicate” me, when so many will look at them, and say to themselves, “I could never do that!”

Essentially and ironically, the very thing the leader is saying to do  … is highly an unlikely action for the majority!

Instead of the idea of duplication being a positive idea, people are instantly set up for a loss, and a sense of hopelessness because they know they can’t do the same thing.

Apparently, the blind network marketing leader has no clue that what they’re telling their downline to DO, is …

“You have to get up in front of a bunch of people, make a fool of your lack of skill in speaking, and embarrass yourself.”

Not an inviting proposition, is it?

For me, public speaking isn’t my strength. Neither are doing Youtube videos by me. I tried. My last sponsor and upline told me to take it down because it was so bad!

However, I can eat my sponsor and upline for breakfast when it comes to writing. My own strength is in my writing. I can do that! (Hopefully, I’ve kept your attention and interest to this point, haven’t I? … if you’re the reader type, and the audience I intend to be writing to.)

Everybody has their own strengths (gifts), too, even if they may not have discovered all of them yet. It’s up to network marketing leaders to help their downline find them, and then cater an action plan around those strengths.

So, let’s take the pressure off US and our downline’s that we all must duplicate ourselves. We can’t, and it’s futile trying, completely unnecessary, and will inhibit growth of our downlines, and even cause some to quit.


Leverage Your TimeInstead, Leverage Your Time

What I suggest the goal to be … is to LEVERAGE your/their time by helping and training others to discover their own strengths, and point them in the right direction on how to increase them so they can be even more effective at building their MLM business.

Why such a Smorgasbord of Training?  Because that’s the way it HAS to be

The reason you see so many systems and tools here for people to build their network marketing business is because, again, everybody is different! The choices that appeal to one (but may not to another) is what one naturally gravitates to doing, because they are WILLING and WANT to do it.

Also, some tools and systems are more affordable than others, and so that must be taken into account, too. Many, many free systems and tools are here, along with the free training.

Shouldn’t building your business be a joy and adventure of discovery, and not  a miserable authoritative experience of, “You MUST do it this way!” … insisted by the upline?

People who join us are in this business for Personal Freedom, aren’t they? So why make our distributors feel like they just got another job? No wonder many quit!

I, nor any true entrepreneurial Network Marketing leaders likes to feel the “force” of somebody telling us that we MUST do something a certain way. Nobody likes that.

So, you won’t find any dictatorial uplines here!

I can only offer you suggestions, and then you can decide for yourself if that’s something you believe will work for you.

You can use different techniques, methods, and systems to build your network marketing business.

However, the foundational PRINCIPLES of business, such as relationship building, always remain permanent. Know the difference. The methods, systems, and techniques you use to build relationships are all up to you.

All marketing doors in network marketing ultimately point to relationship building … routes which invite others to know, like and trust you. Once you’ve got them to trust, the door is now open for them to join you.

Once one gets their business philosophy straight, there’s no stopping them!

So here is my suggestion on how to do that. Put your life on pause for a moment, and listen to this audio by Jim Rohn. I’ve found this audio to be the most significant, life-changing seminar I’ve ever listened to.

Know this information, and you’ll be grounded in your business philosophy for the rest of your life.

“Take Charge of your Life – The Winners Seminar”

After you’ve finished this, my next suggestion is to do the next step …

Next Step

Yours for success!,


P.S. If I could sum up the top success principle in life into just two words, it would be …


Communicate from your heart.

(Singers and writers do this all the time and become smashing successes. Words are powerful.)

I appreciate your comments. So, comment away! ...