6 Smart Reasons for Job Goers to Choose a Home-Based Business

money-house-out-of-100-dollar-billsSix Solid Reasons Smart People Choose a Home-Based Business, and the Smartest of the Smart Choose Network Marketing



Have you ever noticed? …

In life, there always seems to be a trade off between the journey for success, and the price you and your loved ones end up paying for it?

You spend more time pursuing money, with the penalty of having less time for everything else … not a recipe for a happy family, is it.

So many of us chase after a dream which appears to be an illusion … or perhaps, even a nightmare! (I can tell you some of my own stories!)

Many good people want MORE TIME to do what they enjoy in their life, as much as they want more money… especially busy stressed-out professionals.

Sadly, the typical job, business, or corporate ladder may NOT provide the time-freedom you’re ultimately pursuing.

A home-based business, with the right training using the power of technology and the Internet, can give you MORE time … time none of us can ever get back.

With a home business, you eliminate all the time … miserably commuting in congested traffic, the time spent on office politics dancing on egg shells, and even that “treasured” time trying to make your narcissistic boss happy.

Would you rather work your life around your business? …  or work your business around your life?



Unless you have a financial vehicle which let’s you increase your income on demand, aren’t you just an indentured servant for somebody else? … no matter how fancy your job title or how many degrees you have?

Here’s an experiment for you:

Ask your boss for an ON DEMAND raise … oh, say maybe a few hundred or a few thousand dollars next month. What would your boss say? Most likely, he’d question your sanity, say you’re out of your mind, and then fire you on the spot.

Take a look at your life, and ask yourself this …

Can you earn an extra $1,000-$2,000 a month next month  if you want to? What if you want to increase your income another $5,000 a month within the next 90 days, can you do it right where you are?

Do you have bills you’re struggling to pay off? Can you support yourself indefinitely, if for some reason, you lost your job?

If not, you’re in FINANCIAL BONDAGE.

The NEW style of home-based business can give you the financial vehicle to break free of your financial chains. You’re empowered to start part-time, work within your schedule, and work when you want.

Your income is solely determined by your desire and, of course, effort.

Clearly, financial freedom is not only about having money. Perhaps, you already make a lot of money. If so, are you mired down with employees, regulations, corporate politics and glass ceilings?

Have you sacrificed your quality of LIVING, trying to achieve something you discovered was not there when you arrived? Money doesn’t matter much, if you have to give up YOUR WHOLE LIFE just to get it, does it?

The NEW style of home-based business can give you rock-solid TRUE financial freedom.



Most investors and employers understand Leverage.

If you’re an investor, you use some money to do the work of a lot of money.

If you’re an employer, you leverage the work and time of your employees.

With today’s NEW style of home-based business, it’s also all about leverage.

In a home based business, you can leverage Technology to maximize your efforts.

The automation you can build into the NEW style of a home-based business is scalable and nearly unlimited. You can leverage all 24-hours of the day, having your business work for you, world-wide … even while you sleep.

Automation does many of the boring, mundane things most of us don’t like doing.

Finally, one can enjoy the same type of leverage traditionally available only to select groups of people.

Leverage your efforts through strategic relationships to create unlimited monthly residual income.

The Internet has enabled businesses to go on an unlimited path of global expansion, and allow even small businesses with very little capital to do it, too.

Smart businesses pay substantial referral fees to generate customers, and there’s no advertising risk for them doing so, as it is based on pay per sale.

By aligning with the right business, referral fees are not just a one-time only deal.

Many referral fees are paid every month, and even increase significantly the more people referred. These referral fees range from a couple of hundred of dollars to TENS of THOUSANDS, or even HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS a month.

Because of the automation of the Internet, it’s possible you can do this.

Once you learn how to apply these two principles to your NEW style of home based business, your only regret will be that somebody didn’t tell you about and show you how to do this sooner.



Do you have a lifestyle now that really turns you on? Did you forget a great lifestyle is still even possible?

Lifestyle is about living where you want to live, and having plenty of money to do the things you really enjoy, when you want to do them.

How many family and friends do you know who don’t have the lifestyle they want? Most have forgotten that  a much better life is even possible, and continue on in their “groundhog’s day” life … living a life of quite desperation.

Home Businesses allow you to take control, and custom design your life … everything from where you live, to what you do, and even how much you make. You control what happens and how you live, not your boss or job.

With a cell phone, a computer, and today’s easy access to the Internet (just about anywhere), building a business from home is more realistic and doable than it’s ever been.



Today’s technology is a combination of your computer, lots of other computers, the Internet, and the brains and muscle power behind it.

How do you use your computer? Many use it just to play games or run a few simple programs.

How about the Internet? Most people use the Internet to social network, shop, learn, or just surf for fun.

Smart people harness the power of Today’s Technology in their home business.

You can now work at home with low-cost high technology, giving you the same free SEO and social media leverage as large corporations. The business playing field has leveled more-so now, than ever in history.

The Internet changed how we do business, forever. A new adult generation has started, who has never experienced a pre-Internet age. The opportunity to earn huge sums of money leveraging this accessible power to all, is yours, from just about anywhere in the world.



If you’re a W-2 earner, you want to pay attention to this

Many people are not aware that by having their own home-based business, they’re entitled to many substantial tax deductions, making a significant difference in one’s lifestyle, without increasing their overall income.

When you understand how it works, you’ll see the tax code offers home-based business owners 157 legitimate tax deductions, while the typical W-2 earner only gets THREE! Is that fair? No. But that’s how it is.

So, in essence, one would have to be nuts for not pursuing building a profitable home business.

Without a home business, you’re just giving away unnecessary extra earnings to the government each year. Why would anybody want to do that? Well, smart people don’t.

Your income tax rebate is to placate you, a way to make you “feel good” about money of which you’ve already unnecessarily paid way, way too much … all because you don’t have your own home-based business.

Isn’t it time to change your life, and live like a smart business person? To make more, and pay out less?

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6 Smart Reasons for Job Goers to Choose a Home-Based Business by
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