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Hi fellow Marketing Warrior (or perhaps, to be),

My name is Wayne Gerald, and I’m the founder of the exclusive Marketing Warriors Group.

I specialize in helping my affiliates make money using only the “creme of the crop” smart internet marketing strategies. Whew! What a job weeding out the wheat from the chaff. But over time, we’ve got our advice tweaked to only offering you the best tools (and STABLE opportunity) to make money with.

A little about me … I decided right from the beginning that I was going to work my home-based business HARD for 2 years. My attitude was (and still is) “failure is NOT an option.” (It’s only an excuse to quit. I don’t “believe” in failure. I only believe in lack of persistence in finding the solution to any problem.)

I really believe that one with the right company, low-priced products, a good sponsor and upline team, and with just average intelligence, with the right guidance, and gobs of ambition, one can create a RESIDUAL income … lasting them the rest of their lives, living very well off, without working anymore.

What kind of price tag can you put on that freedom to spend life with those you love, doing what you both want?

The joy of spending a fun and meaningful adventurous life with somebody special (like your family) has got to be bliss, don’t you think?

That’s the whole point of why I got involved in this business … gaining free time and enough money to enjoy life!

I’ve owned a small 3-store chain of music stores in malls (called Discount Keyboards), a computer store (Future Computers), a maid service business (Rent-A-Maid), and an oriental rug business.

These “brick-and-mortar” businesses made me good money, however, none of them gave me the TIME freedom to do what I wanted. I was always locked down to babysitting my business!

So I joined a network marketing company, and ended up opening Japan as JPN1,  with my “Consumer ALERT Bulletin.” I’m a copywriter, and this go translated into Japanese, and my organization took off with a life of it’s own reaching 100,000 distributors. I had got my check up to $14,000 a month in residual income, which should have been turned to $50,000 or more.

Suddenly, my check dipped to under $5,000 a month in one month. Later I found out the unethical owners put fake positions under my level one and two, and effectively stole money from me I should have received on the lower levels. That ended my belief in them. (This is the short story.) I’ve learned the importance of ethical management, and fair policies and procedures.

Before my “primary” home-based business today (Purium), I was with another network/referral marketing company for 13 years, with my income peaking at $9,000 a month, and then that company changed the compensation plan, eliminating the Top New Volume Producer Bonus (which I achieved 3 years in a row), and it crashed my income. Ever since, I’ve seen bad decision after bad decision by their management. I decided to leave them at the end of December 2013, which was an extremely tough decision after 13 years.

I learned my lesson with this company that the policies and procedures (our distributor contract) must say they will NEVER change the compensation plan. Changing compensation plans in MLM companies upsets the apple-cart too much, and destroys the field. Some owners never learn.

In any case, mid stream, when my income peaked with my last company (before they hurt my income), I then took a year and a half off (for the first time in my life!). I just goofed around with all my time. You know how nice that is?

No worries about how you’re going to make money? What true freedom this is!

The companies I’ve been with in the past didn’t have the income potential I was looking for. Luckily I found, and chose the company I’m with now. One can never truly appreciate an EXCELLENT company, until they’ve been with companies that are just good, or worse, bad. (I’ve been in both.)

I’m so thankful!

Also, I’ve found this company to have a heart, and they back it up with a fair agreement with their Elite Business Owners.

(Too many network marketing companies have heartless and ruthless distributor policies. Warning: Always look at the policies and procedures before you join any MLM. I have a free 49-Point MLM Checklist here to help you evaluate any network marketing company.)

In my company, one doesn’t have to be a high “rank” or a super-star network marketing pro to make good money in it, either. What a nice refreshing change! Their compensation plan pays very well up front.

Match that with the extremely high impulsive and low-priced products we lead with, and you’ve got yourself a real winner. Why? Because it causes distributor retention and re-orders, which is the foundation of creating a true residual income that continues to grow, instead petering out.

There’s the short version of my success story so far. I totally plan on it reaching far further than what it is now.

I  believe our network marketing industry, as long as  you have a solid company like mine to work with, and a dedicated upline team and sponsor … you have best opportunity to create that great life many of us have contemplated, and some have accomplished.

For more information, click here.

There will be no greater joy in my life than if I play a part in helping you get there!

To YOUR Success!,





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      Thank you, Haydn. I appreciate what you’re doing, too.

      Your replying to this page had me looking at it again, and realizing I needed to do some serious link updates. Thank you for that, too! lol.

      Another Success site I have is http://Succeed.news which gives many resources. I’ll add your offering in the links, too.

      Thank you for stopping by! Cheers!, Wayne

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