Always an INFINITE Supply of Excuses for “Not Enough Time”, and “Not Enough Money”

By Tony Robbins (slightly edited for readability)

Stop Making Excuses by Tony RobbinsI have many friends who are broke, and other friends who are very wealthy.

When people are broke, their favorite excuse is “I don’t have enough money.”

When people are wealthy, their favorite excuse is “I don’t have enough time.”

Anyone can come up with an excuse to avoid taking action, and their excuses always seem valid.

The difference between those who take action, and those who don’t, isn’t a matter of addressing the seemingly valid excuses.

People don’t normally acquire more money to eliminate the “not enough money” excuse, nor do they create more time to overcome the time excuse.

The way they succeed is by realizing they’re creating  and feeding  these excuses, and they decide it’s time to stop feeding them.

They realize, as long as they’re willing to feed excuses, there will always be an infinite supply.


“It’s never a good time. And there’s never enough money. And that isn’t ever going to change.”

And despite how valid these excuses may seem, they can’t stop a committed person.

People don’t suddenly take action when they cure their apparent money or time obstacles.

They get into action when they cure their deluded thinking… when they drop the silly act.



Always an INFINITE Supply of Excuses for "Not Enough Time", and "Not Enough Money" by
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