How big is your Marketing LEVER? Is it only a toothpick? – Marketing Tools

If our lever is still just a toothpick right now, it behooves us to work on building our marketing tools up to be a Redwood! Clearly, to see any exponential growth occur in your organization, you need as big a lever as you can create, right? “Toothpick marketing” doesn’t work! (I have 2 new terms […]

Perhaps the Biggest Unalterable Natural Law in MLM Network Marketing

Customer Loyalty Scale

RETENTION OF DISTRIBUTORS and RE-ORDERS OF NETWORK MARKETING DISTRIBUTORS and CUSTOMERS DETERMINE YOUR LONG-TERM MLM SUCCESS “A 5% reduction in customer/distributor defection rate can increase your profits by 25-125%, depending on the industry.” – Extreme Management by Mark Stevens Retention rate is what creates real “Residual Income”, and determines the destiny of any MLM company. […]

Why Network Marketing is the Fairest and Fastest Win/Win Organizational Model Ever Created

The Right Side in the B Quadrant is Network Marketing

The foundation of network marketing is: You ONLY benefit as long as those who you introduce to the business ALSO benefit. Those who invited you into the business NEED to help you succeed. Why? The more YOU succeed, the more THEY succeed. Do you know of a more fair model? I don’t. Is this the […]

Toxic People Stop Your MLM Success – 46 Traits to Watch Out For

Toxic People Kill You Like Poison Does

How to Easily Recognize a Toxic Person in Your Life – 46 Characteristics Is trouble not resolving in your life? Look for these traits in one of your relationships. Then cut your ties. These people are highly unlikely to change. If you really intend to succeed, you must get rid of any people who have […]

Finding Your Purpose in Life – Your “Why?” – How to Align it to Your Daily Work.


What good mission or purpose in your life are you aligning yourself with or want to? Who are you flowing power to (enabling) right now? Are they good people? Are you able to actively DO your mission every day? How about as your occupation? Are you doing something relatively insignificant in life that really doesn’t […]

Not Writing Quality, Heart-felt Personal Emails to Your MLM Prospects? You LOSE.

Robots can't replace relationship building

“You need to do a lot better than to allow and expect a series of robotic email autoresponders to help you recruit people into your network marketing company.” You must be personal, real and authentic. Robots can’t develop relationships. Say you go to a networking event, would you hold up a digital recorder with a […]

General Mills Gets Caught Red-Handed Putting Metal Shavings in Wheaties

Raw Metal in Wheaties

STOP Eating Wheaties NOW! BOYCOTT General Mills. I’ve seen proof of this before with Corn Flakes. But Mike’s extreme magnification PROVES BEYOND A SHADOW OF DOUBT that General Mills puts in ground-up metal in their cereal. I will NEVER buy from this unethical company again. They are caught red handed. The Emperor is not wearing […]