How big is your Marketing LEVER? Is it only a toothpick? – Marketing Tools

If our lever is still just a toothpick right now, it behooves us to work on building our marketing tools up to be a Redwood!


Clearly, to see any exponential growth occur in your organization, you need as big a lever as you can create, right?

“Toothpick marketing” doesn’t work! (I have 2 new terms … Toothpick Marketer and Redwood Marketer. ;) )
When we don’t have marketing trained people who are actively building the business, we can’t take advantage of leverage and stratospheric exponential income available in network marketing.
We’ll stay broke.
That’s why you see me beating the drum so hard on getting trained in marketing. My whole team concept revolves around having “Marketing Warriors” (and Warrioress’s, too, of course) who know how to get things done at a level of excellence.
So what are some examples of components of your BIG lever … your Redwood?
1) Active marketing trained people
2) Consistent content posting across your social media network
3) The best marketing tools which do more and leverage time (CRM software,, Buffer, etc.)
4) Paid advertising
Without an assortment of these, never expect much growth, and expect to make much money in network marketing.
People wonder why they’re not making money in network marketing? I guarantee you, they’re using “toothpick marketing.”
My dream team is to have a group of people using Redwoods instead of toothpicks. :)
Tell your team to “Say NO to Toothpick Marketing!”
Have you signed up to your free account, connected to your social networks, yet?
This takes about 10 minutes. (For newbies, it might take 30 minutes)
How about your Buffer account?
This takes about 10 minutes. (For newbies, it might take 30 minutes)
How about your Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook Page?
This takes about 30 minutes. (For newbies, it might take 5 minutes if you hire somebody at to do it, otherwise, it could take up to 2 hours for basic setup on all of them.)
A newbie may be looking at 1/2 a days work (4 hours) to get this job done so they’re ready to do “content marketing.”
The question to ask yourself DAILY, is …

“How much “reach” is going out, TODAY?”
That is how you determine the size of your lever. Is it a toothpick or a REDWOOD?
I imagine most of us likely have some work to do. :)
P.S. I assembled and uploaded some videos which show you how to use Sniply and Buffer, and create a Social Media plan:

How To Use Sniply To Get More Traffic Back To Your Site

Here’s a Sniply I just did today in 5 seconds (plus about a minute to change the words I wanted to use) … the bottom of that James Clear’s article “The 2 Types of Growth” (a must read), I have … “Got Exponential Income? A Better Way Out of the Rat Race w/ Gift-Card Marketing.

Do you see how you can can apply this to all the pages you share? If you’re not sharing, you’re not building online.
This is such a graceful way to do it without social media spamming.
How to Schedule Social Media with Buffer (Short)
Learn to use Buffer (More detailed)
Buffer Versus Hootsuite – Quick-Start Social Media Strategy for Newbies (I agree. Use BUFFER.)
The Four Pillars of Great Social Media Content – A Clear Plan
I’m sending this same message through iBoostBiz Broadcast, and posting it into our Forums.

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