Breakthrough Epiphany for Network Marketers in their Warm Market Recruiting

breakthroughI cannot take credit for this breakthrough epiphany in MLM prospecting. Ray Higdon discovered this golden truth just a couple weeks ago. Once you read and hear this (video at bottom), it will totally make sense to you.

You can finally understand WHY you haven’t been successful with your warm market recruiting, even though you were using the prospecting methods and script your leader told you to use.

It’s not your fault if you’ve struggled with your warm market. Nobody ever taught you differentiation.

Every network marketing company and most leaders teach from the same viewpoint in all their prospecting.

That viewpoint is from the viewpoint of a top earner in network marketing. They teach scripts to new people who have no credibility in their warm market’s mind.

Truth: You are either Punished or Rewarded for what you did BEFORE network marketing

Here’s where duplication of your upline leader’s prospecting methods they teach, falls flat on it’s face. It doesn’t take into consideration WHO YOU ARE.

See, if your warm market already knows you as a successful business person, virtually ANY business opportunity approach or script will work for THEM.

The advantage this leader had was they ALREADY had the credibility of authority and respect.

However, what about the poor people who haven’t achieved a success level in life, which earns the respect by those who know them?

HERE is the PROBLEM with most Network Marketing leaders teaching prospecting…

The problem is, that leader, instead of identifying their HISTORY as the reason they created success, they will identify the successful action as their SCRIPT.

If you understand the above, you are likely going to question everything you’ve been taught.

Let’s reiterate:

Somebody who has positioned themselves in the mind of their warm market as a successful business person, can use almost ANY script, and recruit people into their network marketing business.

The FALLACY, is the leader will get on stage, and they will say … “All I said was this…”, “All I did was this…”

For 85% to 95% of the audience, it doesn’t APPLY!

It’s not really the leaders fault for misleading their downline, either. They’re not trying to screw you over or lie to you.

It’s just they haven’t identified that you are either punished or rewarded for what you did before you joined your network marketing company.

They don’t know. You don’t know. Nobody has ever told you this!

When you try out a script from a top leader on your warm market, who has never seen you as a successful business owner, SURPRISE … it doesn’t work.

It’s NOT the script.

Instead, if you’re not positioned in the mind of your prospects in your warm market, as a successful business person, MOST scripts are not going to work.

… especially a script from a leader who was ALREADY successful when they approached their warm market with the script they suggest to you.

Sorry. It’s not going to work. Period.

The same goes for product scripts. IF one is a personal trainer, a doctor, a naturopath, or well known authority in the field of health, any product script will work for THEM.

Why, because their warm market sees them as an expert in that field.

So, if you’re NOT this person, it’s not going to work for you, either.

Especially if your warm market doesn’t see YOU as an example of health. How could they possibly believe you know what you’re talking about, if you’re fat, chain smoke, drink too much, and don’t look fit?

The reality is your warm market has prejudged you. They’ve already positioned you in a place that isn’t congruent with whatever it is you’re selling … the opportunity OR product.

So if you get beat up or laughed at or jeered by your family and friends, it’s because of the positioning you have in their minds.

Is this ringing true for you?

So what do you say?

“Hey, I’m doing a side project to make some extra money, and would love your support in checking out the product. I think it could benefit you.”

Do you think your warm market lead will say to you, “No thank you, that’s a pyramid!” Of course not. This is a natural conversation. Nothing is weird about it, and your warm market won’t look at you like you’re nuts.

This will work so much better for you than leading with the business.

Remember, leading with a product applies to your WARM market. We’re not talking about the cold market here.

Here’s another “script” for you …

“Hey, I know you have absolutely ZERO interest in the business, but I think you might like this product.”

SECRET: It ONLY matters that you get eyeballs on the presentaion. What you say BEFORE, to get their eyeballs on the presentation does not dictate their decision to get into the business.

Never try to sell the products, by going into everything you think you know about them. Coming from YOU, it won’t be believable. Let David Sandoval and our Super Transformation Websites do the selling of the products FOR you. Your job, is to get people to look. That’s it.

Think about this hard.

Your goal is simply to get eyeballs on your presentation, no matter how you do it.

You’re after RESULTS, right? OK. Listen to this explanation …

Breakthrough Epiphany for Network Marketers in their Warm Market Recruiting by
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