Social Networks are the Plumbing of Word of Mouth in our Society now and MLM

Ignoring Social Networks

Knowing social networks are the PLUMBING of word-of-mouth in network marketing, how is your Media Company coming along? “If you don’t know? And you’ve got it twisted? Social networks are the plumbing of word-of-mouth in our society now.” – Gary Vaynerchuk I’ve said it before, one of my purposes of this blog is to put […]

Network Marketing Telephone Training Boot-Camp – Become a PRO (Audio)

Network Marketing Training on how to Use the Phone

Learn how to feel comfortable selling over the telephone so you become a recruiting and sales-generating machine!   Selling on the telephone is harder than face-to-face selling. One-on-one appointments and group meetings are always easier. However, you’ll spend a lot more time doing them. The telephone is, by far, much more time-efficient, and you’ll speed […]

MLM & Network Marketing professionals guide to Recruiting Wellness & Holistic Practitioners for 2014

[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”1494794985″] Hot off the Press – Just about Two Weeks Old This book was written for you because you need to learn how to take advantage of 2014/15 – two years where there will be a MAJOR jump forward in the Wellness MLM industry. Miss these steps and you will regret it. Check out […]

How do I make 2014 my best year ever? – Network Marketing Tips

Think Global for 2014

“To make 2014 Your Best Year yet, You need to Change Your Philosophy … Change Your Paradigm.” by Joe Garia “How do I make 2014 my best year ever?” Around this time of year I am consistently getting this question. To me the question is really easy to answer, but probably not what you expect. […]

DSWA Training in Denver, Colorado – Direct Selling Women’s Alliance

DSWA Direct Selling Women's Alliance Training

DSWA Principle Centered Coaching & Rising Star Leadership Training Note: Ladies, I have heard the featured speaker, Nicki Keohohou, who is the CEO & Co-Founder of the DSWA. She is awesome! I promise it will be worth your time, and your future, to attend. – Wayne Gerald Date & Time: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at […]

Secret Home-Based Business Ingredients from MLM Women Millionaires

The Womens Millionaire Club Book

MLM Divas Radio Show Interviews Author of Women Millionaire Club   Ladies, listen to this audio and go get the book!   Why do some women make lots of money in their home-based business and others don’t? Is it luck, karma, or did they know something we don’t know? Amazon Review … What if someone […]