Network Marketing Telephone Training Boot-Camp – Become a PRO (Audio)

Network Marketing Training on how to Use the Phone

Learn how to feel comfortable selling over the telephone so you become a recruiting and sales-generating machine!   Selling on the telephone is harder than face-to-face selling. One-on-one appointments and group meetings are always easier. However, you’ll spend a lot more time doing them. The telephone is, by far, much more time-efficient, and you’ll speed […]

MLM Script Treasury Not Your Usual Network Marketing Phone Scripts

[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”1484827554″ desc=”1″] Amazon Review Just read (most of) MLM Script Treasury and was overwhelmed. Talk about a book that over delivers – this really is a treasury. Its full of really top scripts for the first call with a prospect, (something I have a hard time with), and many variation on this. For me, […]

The NEW Art of Selling When You’re Contacting Your Network Marketing Leads

Salesman on phone who just wants money

How to Immediately Relieve the tension, apprehension, and rejection when calling your MLM Leads Most salespeople drive me crazy when they call me on the phone. I usually never enjoy the conversation. As soon as I find out they’re trying to sell me something over phone, my mind immediately tries to figure out how to […]

How to Help Your Downline Step into the MLM No-Fear Zone – Videos

No More Downline Fear

Never Lead Your Downline Down the Path of Rejection or they will QUIT! Breakthrough Training – Once your MLM downline knows this information, they won’t be afraid anymore. Finally, you can arm them with the correct information about selling, and root out the embed training they were taught before from the unawakened. Remove the Sales […]

Eliminating Phone Fear – The BIGGEST Bugaboo in Network Marketing?

Picking up the phone. The biggest fear of network marketers

How to Use the Phone in Network Marketing – Forget Old School The Most Advanced, and the Only  Phone-Calling Techniques You Should Ever Use   OLD SALES GURU MYTH #4: “Rejection is part of the sales process”. It absolutely is not. Rejection is TRIGGERED by certain things you say, and are doing, which you and […]