The NEW Art of Selling When You’re Contacting Your Network Marketing Leads

Salesman on phone who just wants money

How to Immediately Relieve the tension, apprehension, and rejection when calling your MLM Leads Most salespeople drive me crazy when they call me on the phone. I usually never enjoy the conversation. As soon as I find out they’re trying to sell me something over phone, my mind immediately tries to figure out how to […]

Exactly What to SAY to Generate Retail Customers in MLM – Audio

100 Customers in 100 Days

Are you missing out on an extra $2,565 each month, because you’re ignoring Customer acquisition? Over time, my average Customer orders are 57 BV a month. If you’re working, you average will likely be close to that, too. We’ll use an example of a Body Balance 32-Stick Pack (4 quarts), because that’s 57BV exactly, at […]

Where Do Online Marketers Get Their Customers?

Report on WHERE Customers come from Online

The following applies to Customer Acquisition, what many Network Marketers seem to forget to DO (typically male, btw, yes … my gender). Doesn’t it behoove those who want to sell products online, to find out exactly where the action is happening for retail? I was surprised at how well Facebook did for retailing. Clearly, focus […]