Women in Network Marketing – Free How to Succeed Webinar – Jan 29, 2014

82% of Women in business who make $100,000 a year make it in Network Marketing

Your 6-Step Foolproof Plan to Create a Business and Life You Love Presenter: SONIA STRINGER According to the DSA, over 82% of the network marketing/direct sales profession is made up of WOMEN, and yet the majority of traditional training available has been created (or led) by MEN. Although much of the training in this profession […]

Putting an END to the 95% Fail in Direct Sales Network Marketing Myth

The Big MLM Direct Sales Network Marketing Lie

Would you call the Direct Sales industry doing $166.9 billion a year, worldwide, “failing?” $31.63 billion in sales is done in the USA alone. 8% of direct sellers earn more than $50,000 a year. So right there, if everybody else was “failing”, the stat would be 92% failure rate (not 95%), which is not  true, […]