Finding Your Purpose in Life – Your “Why?” – How to Align it to Your Daily Work.


What good mission or purpose in your life are you aligning yourself with or want to? Who are you flowing power to (enabling) right now? Are they good people? Are you able to actively DO your mission every day? How about as your occupation? Are you doing something relatively insignificant in life that really doesn’t […]

Drugs Kill. So Do Doctors. Dr. Joel Wallach Speaks Out. Why You Should Care

Doctors Kill A Lot of Patients

A presentation given by Dr. Joel Wallach, the founder of  Youngevity Dr. Joel Wallach boldly tells the TRUTH how medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies kill their patients, how they LIE about nutrition because of their incentive to just MANAGE your symptoms for much more profit, instead of actually HEAL you. At minute 26, find out […]