Perhaps the Biggest Unalterable Natural Law in MLM Network Marketing

Customer Loyalty Scale

RETENTION OF DISTRIBUTORS and RE-ORDERS OF NETWORK MARKETING DISTRIBUTORS and CUSTOMERS DETERMINE YOUR LONG-TERM MLM SUCCESS “A 5% reduction in customer/distributor defection rate can increase your profits by 25-125%, depending on the industry.” – Extreme Management by Mark Stevens Retention rate is what creates real “Residual Income”, and determines the destiny of any MLM company. […]

6 Smart Reasons for Job Goers to Choose a Home-Based Business

Six Solid Reasons Smart People Choose a Home-Based Business, and the Smartest of the Smart Choose Network Marketing   REASON #1 – TIME FREEDOM Have you ever noticed? … In life, there always seems to be a trade off between the journey for success, and the price you and your loved ones end up paying […]