Has Life Delt You So Many Blows, You’ve Lost Hope, and Have Given Up America’s Dream?

For $33 (including product), they could easily start. BUT, they won’t listen.  Who? My poor family and some of my friends. It’s frustrating, because I know I have the power (and knowledge) to empower them to drastically change their life to … … a dream life of outstanding health (#1), offer them a realistic way […]

Always an INFINITE Supply of Excuses for “Not Enough Time”, and “Not Enough Money”

Stop Making Excuses by Tony Robbins

By Tony Robbins (slightly edited for readability) I have many friends who are broke, and other friends who are very wealthy. When people are broke, their favorite excuse is “I don’t have enough money.” When people are wealthy, their favorite excuse is “I don’t have enough time.” Anyone can come up with an excuse to […]