Perhaps the Biggest Unalterable Natural Law in MLM Network Marketing

Customer Loyalty Scale

RETENTION OF DISTRIBUTORS and RE-ORDERS OF NETWORK MARKETING DISTRIBUTORS and CUSTOMERS DETERMINE YOUR LONG-TERM MLM SUCCESS “A 5% reduction in customer/distributor defection rate can increase your profits by 25-125%, depending on the industry.” – Extreme Management by Mark Stevens Retention rate is what creates real “Residual Income”, and determines the destiny of any MLM company. […]

Breakthrough Epiphany for Network Marketers in their Warm Market Recruiting

Breakthrough in Warm Market Prospecting

I cannot take credit for this breakthrough epiphany in MLM prospecting. Ray Higdon discovered this golden truth just a couple weeks ago. Once you read and hear this (video at bottom), it will totally make sense to you. You can finally understand WHY you haven’t been successful with your warm market recruiting, even though you […]

The Five Lies Desperate Network Marketers Tell Their Prospects – Audio

Pinocchio Network Marketers

Don’t Be a Pinocchio Network Marketer   Are you or your downline telling these 5 MLM lies? Perhaps you didn’t know they are lies? Listen to this audio to find out what the lies are, and WHY these are lies … Kim Klaver  tells it like it is … The Truth The only reason I can […]