Where do I fish? … and MLM bullies

The bullies inside MLM

I want to tell you about a friend of mine – an M L M pro, who just lost heart in his upline – the company top earner – and how or why it happened. Now – it was not easy for my buddy to make a decision to move on from a company whose […]

Why Network Marketing is the Fairest and Fastest Win/Win Organizational Model Ever Created

The Right Side in the B Quadrant is Network Marketing

The foundation of network marketing is: You ONLY benefit as long as those who you introduce to the business ALSO benefit. Those who invited you into the business NEED to help you succeed. Why? The more YOU succeed, the more THEY succeed. Do you know of a more fair model? I don’t. Is this the […]

Women in Network Marketing – Free How to Succeed Webinar – Jan 29, 2014

82% of Women in business who make $100,000 a year make it in Network Marketing

Your 6-Step Foolproof Plan to Create a Business and Life You Love Presenter: SONIA STRINGER According to the DSA, over 82% of the network marketing/direct sales profession is made up of WOMEN, and yet the majority of traditional training available has been created (or led) by MEN. Although much of the training in this profession […]

One Size Fits ALL in Network Marketing? My Eternal Pet Peeve about some MLM Leaders

Wrong Action for the Wrong Person

I have pet peeve about RIGID systems of building network marketing, which I consider a TOTAL MYTH. That is … the idea there is a rigid system out there which everybody, no matter who, should follow … without any consideration of their existing skills and strengths. IMO, each person’s skills should be carefully taken into […]