Perhaps the Biggest Unalterable Natural Law in MLM Network Marketing

Customer Loyalty Scale

RETENTION OF DISTRIBUTORS and RE-ORDERS OF NETWORK MARKETING DISTRIBUTORS and CUSTOMERS DETERMINE YOUR LONG-TERM MLM SUCCESS “A 5% reduction in customer/distributor defection rate can increase your profits by 25-125%, depending on the industry.” – Extreme Management by Mark Stevens Retention rate is what creates real “Residual Income”, and determines the destiny of any MLM company. […]

How to Build Your MLM Network Marketing Business Part-time – Video

Example of a Part-time Network Marketer Schedule

To Finally Get Out of the Job You Hate, Follow These Guidelines Watch this video. Take the information to heart. If you follow this information, you will succeed at building your network marketing business on a part-time basis. As a part-time network marketer, you must watch your time much, much closer than somebody already full-time […]