Why Network Marketing is the Fairest and Fastest Win/Win Organizational Model Ever Created

The Right Side in the B Quadrant is Network Marketing

The foundation of network marketing is: You ONLY benefit as long as those who you introduce to the business ALSO benefit. Those who invited you into the business NEED to help you succeed. Why? The more YOU succeed, the more THEY succeed. Do you know of a more fair model? I don’t. Is this the […]

Always an INFINITE Supply of Excuses for “Not Enough Time”, and “Not Enough Money”

Stop Making Excuses by Tony Robbins

By Tony Robbins (slightly edited for readability) I have many friends who are broke, and other friends who are very wealthy. When people are broke, their favorite excuse is “I don’t have enough money.” When people are wealthy, their favorite excuse is “I don’t have enough time.” Anyone can come up with an excuse to […]

How do I make 2014 my best year ever? – Network Marketing Tips

Think Global for 2014

“To make 2014 Your Best Year yet, You need to Change Your Philosophy … Change Your Paradigm.” by Joe Garia “How do I make 2014 my best year ever?” Around this time of year I am consistently getting this question. To me the question is really easy to answer, but probably not what you expect. […]

What Stops You From Getting Results in Your Communication with Others?

Prevent damaged relationships

What are the conditions inside ourselves and others which promote or damage our conversations (thus relationships)? What can you do about it? “Discover how to open up a dialogue with another, which desperately needs to be discussed, and do it in a heartfelt way without putting the other person on the defensive, and help them […]

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill – Read it Online and Download PDF

Napoleon Hill Holding his new Think and Grow Rich book in 1937

Napolean Hill’s “Success Philosophy” in Think and Grow Rich are Secrets from 500 Successful Men   Hill was the researcher, compiler, speaker, and writer regarding his 25 years of research, in collaboration with more than 500 distinguished men of great wealth, who proved by their own achievements … this philosophy is practical. Further below, you can […]

How to Build Your MLM Network Marketing Business Part-time – Video

Example of a Part-time Network Marketer Schedule

To Finally Get Out of the Job You Hate, Follow These Guidelines Watch this video. Take the information to heart. If you follow this information, you will succeed at building your network marketing business on a part-time basis. As a part-time network marketer, you must watch your time much, much closer than somebody already full-time […]

The Courage to Be Successful

Courage and Success

By Mike Ognek Becoming successful requires courage. In the achievement of any worthy goal, you must overcome mental barriers, take risks, and proceed in the face of fear and adversity. Deciding to act with courage is what can carry you beyond your fear – and whatever may be standing in the way of success in […]