The Dreaded MLM Pyramid Objection – How to Deal with it

“I know all about it! This is one of those ‘Pyramid’ deals.” One of the most common “questions” you’ll get asked or “told” by people you approach with the opportunity is, “Is this one of those pyramids like Amway? Clearly, much of the public have a lot of confusion. My mood sometimes determines how I […]

“This is one of those Pyramid Deals” – Handling the Pyramid Objection

Business Pyramid Scheme

Is MLM a Pyramid Scam? A good number of people are “sure” MLM (Network Marketing) is a “Pyramid” Scam. For some reason, millions of people work in this industry, and yet they are all getting away with being involved in a pyramid, and the government does nothing? Perhaps there is more to it than these well-meaning […]