Women in Network Marketing – Free How to Succeed Webinar – Jan 29, 2014

82% of Women in business who make $100,000 a year make it in Network Marketing

Your 6-Step Foolproof Plan to Create a Business and Life You Love Presenter: SONIA STRINGER According to the DSA, over 82% of the network marketing/direct sales profession is made up of WOMEN, and yet the majority of traditional training available has been created (or led) by MEN. Although much of the training in this profession […]

DSWA Training in Denver, Colorado – Direct Selling Women’s Alliance

DSWA Direct Selling Women's Alliance Training

DSWA Principle Centered Coaching & Rising Star Leadership Training Note: Ladies, I have heard the featured speaker, Nicki Keohohou, who is the CEO & Co-Founder of the DSWA. She is awesome! I promise it will be worth your time, and your future, to attend. – Wayne Gerald Date & Time: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at […]

Putting an END to the 95% Fail in Direct Sales Network Marketing Myth

The Big MLM Direct Sales Network Marketing Lie

Would you call the Direct Sales industry doing $166.9 billion a year, worldwide, “failing?” $31.63 billion in sales is done in the USA alone. 8% of direct sellers earn more than $50,000 a year. So right there, if everybody else was “failing”, the stat would be 92% failure rate (not 95%), which is not  true, […]

A Career In Network Marketing Empowers Women To Empower Others! by Sue Seward

No glass ceiling for women in network marketing

By Sue Seward There are no glass ceilings for women in network marketing! They can climb as high as they want to go and help as many people get there that want to come along with them, including their families. Network marketing is one of the only industries that actually give a person-any person- the chance […]

15 MLM Divas Interviewed – Successful Network Marketing Women in MLM – Audio

The MLM Divas

MLM Divas Archive Click HERE for more interviews. The following 15 Audio interviews of successful Network Marketing Women are definitely worth listening to! Sheila W. Frances “Running With Divas: The Power of The Pack” RS Mallory “Setting Goals and how Life gets in the Way” Artemis Limpert Network Marketing Coach “Discover the rules of Playing to WIN […]

Secret Home-Based Business Ingredients from MLM Women Millionaires

The Womens Millionaire Club Book

MLM Divas Radio Show Interviews Author of Women Millionaire Club   Ladies, listen to this audio and go get the book!   Why do some women make lots of money in their home-based business and others don’t? Is it luck, karma, or did they know something we don’t know? Amazon Review … What if someone […]

Preview Book Free – 67-pages of “Build It Big” – by the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance

Build It Big - 101 Secrets

Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets from Top Direct Selling Experts … addresses the three most popular models of direct selling: * network marketing (e.g., Amway) * party planning (e.g., Pampered Chef) * person-to-person(e.g., Guardian Life Insurance) The training many of these companies offer is limited, and typically covers only product features and benefits, basic […]