Why Should My Business Blog? Is Blogging Really that Important?

Blog at the Center of Social Media

Read the Stats, below. You Be the Judge! SEO Blogs enhance your search visibility to searchers, and increase your search engine optimization (SEO): 1) Blogs give you a opportunity to use all-important keywords in a credible way, more frequently. 2) Blogs prove you’re still active, and keeping up with the times. You build customer confidence […]

A Peek Inside Your MyMWG.com Site – 191 WordPress Plugins for Effective Marketing

Your Supersonic MLM Website

Did you know you have a “super-sonic”  engine already in  your MyMWG.com website? Until now, unless you actually signed up for your own MyMWG.com website, you had no idea the power you have at your fingertips, to do just about anything you want with your site. The 191 WordPress plugins  I’ve already installed for you, are […]

Why Promoting WordPress is VITAL for You and Your MLM Downline’s Success

Network Marketing is not of unchanging DROIDS

Network Marketing success is not for unchanging, inculcated DROIDS. In network marketing today, the excuse of the “non-duplicatability” of each downline member not having their own website is no longer valid, now that practically “idiot-proof” WordPress  exists for the masses. Technology DOES change the way we do business in network marketing! With WordPress’s ease of […]