No Domain Name? You are not a Professional Network Marketer, yet.

Domain Name SEOMy goal is to help you become a professional or more professional in your network marketing business.

Clearly, becoming a pro is not something one can do overnight. One must keep doing a lot of “little” things that add up to a huge WHOLE, which finally = “I’m a professional.”

My presumption is nobody has to twist your arm to become professional at network marketing. You hunger  for more information to enable you to do a better job. You’re willing to learn  and work  to get there. Some call this, “Doing what it takes to succeed.”

One of the easiest tasks to professionalize your business and you is to get a domain name

Today, there is no legitimate excuse not to have a domain name. You can buy .com’s for $1.99 for your first year (sometimes even .99 cents). Some hosts give them free if you sign up with them.

So “lack of money” cannot  be used as a justifiable excuse.

Getting a domain name takes about 5 minutes (maybe less) going through

So “lack of time” cannot  be used as a justifiable excuse, either.

Some may say, “But Wayne, I’m one of those rare cases where I don’t need a domain name.”

Well, I’ll call the B.S. out on that one. If you want to expand your business, look professional to others, and build trust, you need a domain name. Period. There is no alternative option.

You have a website. At minimum, you need a domain name so you can “mask” it, and forward it to your Youngevity corporate replicated website. Again, at minimum.

“But Wayne, nobody showed me how?” 

I would almost buy that excuse, however, we have Google and Youtube, and the resources for learning how to easily do this are there. As a convenience, I’m supplying two step-by-step videos, below, so you and your group can get this done.

Doing this should be one of your first steps in business. Total time? Maybe 15 minutes  after you’ve sorted out what domain name you want. Total cost? $1.99

If anybody in your downline won’t do this, you will know right away they are not serious about their business, and you should immediately stop wasting your time with them until they show a commitment to their own business and success.

To be successful at anything (not just network marketing), one must become a pro at whatever they do. Just basic Life Skill philosophy 101.

If they’re not dedicated to becoming a pro, why would you bother wasting your time?

Otherwise, they will bring you discouragement and possibly failure if you do. Write that in BIG RED LETTERS. You only want to work with self-driving motivated people, who strongly desire to better their lives, and those around them. (Right?) You can’t rescue or revive the lazy.

So, right now, why don’t you just do it? Get your domain name, mask it, and forward it to your Youngevity replicated website. Once you know how to do this (and how easy it is), you’re armed with this new skill which I know you’ll find other ways to apply it. You’ll also be qualified to teach your new distributors how to do this, too.

Here’s how you buy, mask, and forward a domain name on

Have you done it? Do it now.

There you go. You accomplished two important business tasks today. Yay!

If you just set a goal to do two priority tasks every day for your business, they will add up, and you will eventually succeed, as long as you don’t give up.

You do set a priority of scheduling at least 1 hour for your business every day, right?

If you don’t, you’re likely not going to succeed. One can’t just “wing it” in this business, and simply hope to get lucky. Unfortunately, as I’m sure you know, life doesn’t work that way. You have to do a lot of planting to get your harvest.

What is your answer when somebody asks you, “What’s your domain name?” Will you fumble that opportunity?

Opportunity comes to those who are prepared for it.

Yours for success,
Wayne Gerald Signature


P.S. Having a domain name is very basic marketing 101 stuff. The next step is to have a good domain name.

Helpful Marketing TipsHere are some tips for a good domain name:

What’s in a domain name?

Firstly, let’s settle the import­ance of a good domain name. A domain name is EXTREMELY, extremely  import­ant. Using a good domain name makes it much easier for your vis­it­ors to remem­ber your website’s URL.

If you use a good domain name, it helps Google under­stand what your busi­ness is about. Don’t under­es­tim­ate the import­ance of those words. It makes sense to use a good domain name.

Keyword domain names

Unless you’re a very strong brand (that’s not you, yet), it makes com­plete sense to make use of a domain name con­sist­ing of focus keywords, as opposed to a domain name with your brand or com­pany name in it.

If your brand is new or obscure, take this route. A domain name with good keywords takes a lot of work out of mar­ket­ing the web­site using that domain name. This is the num­ber one reason for using a domain name with rel­ev­ant keywords.

Domain pur­chas­ing mis­takes

Beware of the fol­low­ing mis­takes when you pur­chase a domain name:

  • Using dashes.
    • Ima­gine explain­ing to someone what your domain is. Now you have to throw in a dash into the explan­a­tion as well. And some­times people don’t know the dif­fer­ence between a dash and an under­score. I used to make this mistake. Like most other things in life, there are excep­tions to the rule, however, dashes are gen­er­ally a bad idea for domain names.
  • Using abbre­vi­ations.
    • Instead of using, why not use It makes a heck of a lot more sense. It’s easier to remem­ber, too.
  • Mak­ing the domain name too long.
    • It’s a mis­sion to remem­ber an extremely long domain name. Keep it as short as possible.
  • Cre­at­ing dis­son­ance between your domain name and con­tent on your website.
    • Don’t use keywords that have no con­nec­tion with the con­tent on your web­site. This is senseless.


Domain names are valu­able. Get your hands on the best domain name you can get. Your mar­ket­ing efforts will be so much easier.

No Domain Name? You are not a Professional Network Marketer, yet. by
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