The Dreaded MLM Pyramid Objection – How to Deal with it

“I know all about it! This is one of those ‘Pyramid’ deals.”


One of the most common “questions” you’ll get asked or “told” by people you approach with the opportunity is, “Is this one of those pyramids like Amway? Clearly, much of the public have a lot of confusion.

My mood sometimes determines how I handle this question. You could say, “Why, do you like pyramids?” What if they say, “Yes!”?

Or you could say, “Yes, but my pyramid is much better than the pyramid you work for. You work for a pyramid, don’t you?” The assumption here is you’ve developed a relationship so you can show a bit of humor.

Why not turn it around? I like to have fun with this instead of you regretting getting this objection.

Of course, if you’re dealing with a qualified prospect, you won’t hear this objection at all. So why not just deal with qualified prospects? Save yourself the hassle and grief. You can buy them for only $2.00 – $3.00 each.

If your “prospect” is truly concerned and has fear whether or not they are looking at something that’s bad for them, and truly have a listening ear to do their due diligence, you can direct them to these videos and become educated.

After all my time in network marketing, I really thought the pyramid “objection” would finally die, but somehow, it continues to live on from generation to generation. So we got to deal with it.

In this video, Simon Prentice explains the difference between a legitimate multi-level marketing (MLM) business (more commonly referred to as “Network Marketing”) … and an illegal pyramid scheme/scam.

Illegal Pyramids versus Legal Distribution

Lou Abbott does an excellent job explaining the difference. If you don’t get this, you’ll forever be stumbling in this business, and fumbling whenever you get the ignorant “pyramid” objection. There is a difference between pyramid scams and the legitimate multi-layer pay structure, like that of real-estate brokers or manufacturers where every “level” gets a piece of the pie (cut of the profit), from manufacturer, to wholesalers, to jobbers, to retailers, and finally to sales people.


Here’s another way the difference is explained …

The Dreaded MLM Pyramid Objection - How to Deal with it by
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