Easy Drag and Drop Contact Manager for Network Marketing and Sales

How to eliminate all the confusion in your sales and sponsoring follow up

Graphic example of tracking the Contact Manager Sales Funnel

I don’t know about you, but tracking the sales process in both follow up on Youngevity distributor prospects and potential retail customers has always been confusing without any visual guide of the sales funnel.

Finally, I found this drag and drop contact manager a perfect solution for eliminating my confusion regarding where my prospects are in the sponsor (or retail) pipeline.

I urge you to try it and see for yourself. If you use my link below, you’ll get a TWO month (60-day) free trial, vs their normal 30-day trial. No credit card is needed, either.

If you decide you like it, a one-user system is only $14 a month. I can guarantee that $14 a month will pay for itself by never missing any follow up again, besides the painful frustration of confusion of tracking everybody in their own individual stage of the process (the sales funnel).

Try it and save yourself a lot of grief. (If you don’t need this, then it’s a certain bet you’re not actively sponsoring or selling products.)

By the way, for each person you refer to this, you get another month free.

Here is my 60-Day trial link …


Youtube video giving you an idea how slick this software is …

Easy Drag and Drop Contact Manager for Network Marketing and Sales by
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Wayne Gerald

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