Exactly What to SAY to Generate Retail Customers in MLM – Audio

100 Customers in 100 Days

Are you missing out on an extra $2,565 each month, because you’re ignoring Customer acquisition?

Over time, my average Customer orders are 57 BV a month. If you’re working, you average will likely be close to that, too.

We’ll use an example of a Body Balance 32-Stick Pack (4 quarts), because that’s 57BV exactly, at $94.95 (if they’re on Autoship).

$104.90 total including shipping.

(I suggest Body Balance be the fundamental baseline product you sell. Then go from there. Sticks make it easier to get product taking “compliance”, because they can be grabbed on-the-go.)

You make 45% of the BV  each month on your Customers’ orders. In this case, the average is $25.65 profit for you each month for each Customer.

Knowing this, how many Customers would you like to get?

In my example, 10 Customers means $256.50 a month for you. 100 Customers would be $2,565.00 each month!

The above is just from selling Youngevity retail only, and not doing any recruiting and sponsoring.

As Kim Klaver says (she’s in the training audio’s below), “Which is easier to acquire? A distributor or a customer?”

Clearly, acquiring Customers is a far easier job, especially if one is properly trained on how to acquire them, by knowing exactly what to say.

Youngevity is one of the few Network Marketing companies I know, who pays so well each month, on the same Customer. IMO, Youngevity is right in the middle, between Direct Sales and MLM (Network Marketing), a perfect mix to please both women and men.

Below are 2 audios which will help you acquire Customers, if you speak exactly how Kim Klaver teaches. Kim is the Network Marketing’s Product Sales Queen and Coach! She’s blunt, and knows what the hell she’s talking about.

Enjoy, and happy selling! :)



I urge you to order Kim Klaver’s book …

“If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?”


If you don’t mind getting it used, you can get it on Amazon for only $2.56.

Also, you can order from her website, and get the ebook version, instantly, for $5.95.

You can’t go wrong with any of Kim Klaver’s training, and I recommend you order all of it.


(No, this is not an advertising endorsement. I make nothing promoting her materials … just so you know.)

Exactly What to SAY to Generate Retail Customers in MLM - Audio by
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