Finding Your Purpose in Life – Your “Why?” – How to Align it to Your Daily Work.


What good mission or purpose in your life are you aligning yourself with or want to?

Who are you flowing power to (enabling) right now? Are they good people?

Are you able to actively DO your mission every day? How about as your occupation? Are you doing something relatively insignificant in life that really doesn’t matter? Or are you doing a lot of good?

My purpose has always been to help free people, by exposing the lies, and revealing the truth so people stop operating on bad information.

It’s become apparent to me that the majority of people, who act irrationally, are acting upon WRONG data. Data that has been inculcated in them from their culture … their own family, their religion, and their governments.

Tragically, the WRONG data is even causing millions of deaths every year in the USA!

There are some people, with less than honorable intentions (such as the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies), who want to prevent the CORRECT data from being heard and taught, for either greed and/or control of others.

That’s where the fight for Freedom comes into play, especially the Freedom of Speech. My challenge has been, how can I continue my mission and my purpose of Freedom, and continue to survive financially, while staying on my purpose through my activities.

Not until the beginning of this New Year was I finally able to figure it out, and my entire life has come into alignment with my mission.

I decided to align myself with a company, who unknown to many, is fighting for America’s Health Freedom and Freedom of Speech. That work, still, is not over.

Besides them offering the best nutritional advice and supplements on the planet (which get astounding results), they have a much bigger purpose than just making sales, and I’m honored to be a part of this company called Youngevity.

The following video introduces Youngevity’s Attorney, Janathan Emord, whom Dr. Wallach hired to fight the FDA for America’s Health Freedom and Freedom of Speech. He’s battled the FDA (the Fascist Drug Administration) SEVEN times so far, and has won the battle for freedom every time.

People with the WILL of Dr. Wallach, who have the willingness to fight back for what is right, are the one’s I want to associate with, get behind, endorse, and flow my power to.

To add a nice cherry on top, Martin Luther King III speaks, too.

Finding Your Purpose in Life - Your "Why?" - How to Align it to Your Daily Work. by
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Wayne Gerald

MLM Productivity Expert at Purium
Wayne Gerald is a MLM Productivity Expert, Copy Writer, Web Designer, and Network Marketer. He opened Japan Neways, and built an organization of 100,000 distributors resulting in 8M in sales each month. After that, he was #1 Top New Volume Producer in Life Force International. Today, he's building his last empire with Purium whole-food superfoods. His mission is to help the "little guy" (M/F) build a great lifestyle, where family health and wealth can be passed from generation to generation.

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