Where to Get 1 Year of Good Hosting & Domain for Your Network Marketing Business


“You don’t have a Website for your Network Marketing Business?”

Then you might as well tell your prospects  …Telling your prospects you're closed for business

What Do You HAVE, which Proves You are a Professional, and that You Take Your MLM Business Seriously?


  • Your Joy To Live Replicated Website most certainly won’t do it.unprofessional - stranger - no connection

  • Your Facebook page won’t persuade your prospect, either.

  • A Linkedin page doesn’t work, either.

  • Those small 140 character Tweets on Twitter won’t make a good first impression of you.

  • Even the other prospecting lead-generation sites offered here, won’t help you establish credibility for yourself, or a “connection” with your visitor, either. Are you making them feel they’re more than just a $ sign to you?

  • You’re already starting off with a generally jaded attitude towards our industry, so you better counter-act  (compensate) with extra professionalism.

“If you truly intend to succeed in Network Marketing, today, You NEED your own  Personalized Website … to show your credibility, to educate, engage conversation, and to guide your prospect(s) into willing action that fulfills their needs.”

 “Why do I need a website?” – Click here for the reasons


Get Your Free MWG Youngevity Website

A Way is Available for You to Get Your Own Web Hosting and Domain Name for FREE, that’s EASY to Do You …


Dear fellow Marketing Warrior Group Member,

You likely arrived on this page because either I, or one of our MWG Team Members, directed you here, after you joined in Joy To Live. You’re now an official Team member of our MWG group, now, and get special benefits to help you succeed.

If this huge training, motivational, and action center doesn’t get you excited, you better check your pulse! What you see here is my “dream” support system I wish my upline had provided me. You’re looking at what took 416 hours of effort (so far), combined with my 23 years of network marketing, Internet marketing, web design, and copy writing experience.

The purpose of this website is to provide you the resources, training and motivation, and tools and software needed to build up credibility and succeed in network marketing, using Youngevity as our primary vehicle to build residual income.

Overwhelmed? Here's what to do...At first, for some, the MWG Training Center may appear to be an “overwhelming” amount of information to get familiar with. However, anything which has the potential to make you $100,000  a year or much, much more in residual income … while you play, requires extensive knowledge. Building a significant business is not child’s play.

Obviously, one wouldn’t go to college and object to reading all the textbooks required to learn the subjects, right? The material you’re given in college is to help prepare you for what you plan to DO in life.

So why would self-education in succeeding in a big way  in network marketing be any different? Clearly, every profession has their own necessary knowledge and tools, so one can eventually DO what one is training to do. Network marketing is no different.

If one is serious, the network marketing business (and learning marketing) isn’t any less serious than college. Like college or any other business, one can’t treat their network marketing business as just a “side note”, and really expect to succeed.

One needs to dig in, and learn  and do (and even make mistakes) … to eat, live, and breath their new business, and treat it as seriously as if their home business were their brick-and-mortar business they invested $20,000 to $250,000, or more, in … IF they expect to radically change their life with raving financial success. Learning and doing is work. But you can get paid very well for it!

Jim Rohn says, “We have two pains in life: One is discipline. The other is regret. Discipline  weighs ounces. Regret  weighs tons.”

In the following audio, Jim Rohn tells the truth about the pitfalls in network marketing, what you can expect, and what to do. I believe you’ll like his style, as I do. (Listen now … I’m not in any rush with you as I’m not selling anything here. So take your time. Enjoy!)


When you do what Jim Rohn says in the audio, you not only protect yourself from failure, but you protect your group fortified  with this knowledge, too. If you haven’t read this page first, yet, I urge you to do so.

By fortifying yourself and your group, the staying power of you and your group will be much, much longer.

If somebody decides to make the silly mistake of giving up, you won’t be stumped and mystified, and you’ll quickly realize where the source of failure was. Perhaps you may even be able to help salvage the situation!

Realize, humans are only human. 25% of people who make New Year resolutions can’t make it even a week!

Your sponsor and upline are clearly the one’s (or should be) who are the most interested in your success, ironically … maybe even more-so than your own family and friends! When you succeed, your sponsor and your upline succeeds … that much more. So they are (or should be) sincerely motivated to help you get there.

Unlike traditional businesses, the beauty of network marketing is it incentivizes everybody in the network to help each other to succeed, and create a win/win situation for all. You just don’t find this idea in a JOB! For this reason, MLM / Network Marketing is truly the best business I know to be involved in for its positivity, self-growth, encouragement by others, and, of course, its huge potential income.

Why Network Marketing is So Great!

Remind yourself, WHY, every now and then by reading this …

Download (PDF, 56KB)


First Steps to Your Online Marketing Success


Attract People to You (Never chase people)

The official term for this is called “Attraction Marketing”  or “Inbound Marketing.”  This will be the focus of what you’ll learn here.

Attraction Marketing into Youngevity

Traditionally, many network marketers have taught their group to chase people, by telling them to make a list of all their friends, relatives, and work associates, then calling them up, and doing a three-way call with their distributors’ upline, or inviting them to a local meeting. Some proclaim “all” you have to do is “share” the opportunity, that you’re in the “sharing business”. But this really means you’re still selling.

If you actually really do just share, and say, “Here’s a 30-day supply of healthy coffee I’d like you to try for free … no strings attached. Let me know what you think after you finish it.” Now THAT is truly sharing. This is OK. It’s not pushy. However, that’s a very risky and expensive way to go about marketing.Pushy Salesman

The traditional network marketers’ “pushing ideas” (high pressure) have worked sometimes. Most any marketing idea, no matter how goofy, will work if you throw enough mud against the wall. However, that kind of marketing approach can get real expensive really quick.

“Do I have to be pushy to succeed in network marketing?”

Absolutely not. You’re advised against that here. Otherwise, you will turn off a lot of your friends, relatives, and work associates if you push, and you’ll damage your relationships. We’re here to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS, not break them! You will learn what’s called “Trust-Based Selling”, here.

Do you have to be aggressive in your marketing?

Most certainly, YES! However, you’ll learn how to go about it intelligently  here, so you actually attract the right people, and don’t waste your time and money, especially time (we’re all given a limited amount of it in life, so it is most precious).

What some Network Marketing Leaders Aren’t Telling You …

“Nowadays, You MUST have a Strong Internet Presence to Succeed in Network Marketing! The Bigger Your Presence is Globally, the More Likely MORE of the Right People Will Find You. Make Sense?”

There’s no other way around this. You need your own pages on the Internet so the right people can find you. The more pages you have online, the more likely they’ll find you. So you got to get busy doing this FIRST. Don’t worry, that’s what MWG is here to help you learn how, and do. Let’s get to the meat, now …


Step 1 (Short Term Project – Time = 15 minutes)

The fastest way to get an instant Web Presence:

At the top menu area, look under Online Marketing Systems, and grab one (or more) of the totally FREE or $1 30-Day Trials to their marketing system. These will get your business off to a fast start, today. You’ll be up and running in no time, and you’ll have some links that visitors can go to, which can lead to warm leads. Some may even join you from this (you may get lucky!)

However, your personal blog website is the best way to generate cold or warm leads into serious prospects. Your blog is where you show your personality, so your warm leads get to know, like, and trust you. Until you get them to the “trust” point with you, you’ll always continue to struggle in network marketing. That’s why learning to blog is so important to your network marketing business, today.



Listen to These MLM Basic Training Audios






(Ongoing Project)

Build Your Know, Like and Trust Machine


Blog - A Know Like and Trust Machine

You’ve likely been told we’re in a relationship-building business. That’s exactly what a blog works on doing for you. Your own blog will be the key to building lasting trust, and developing relationships with your warm leads, who likely arrived from the methods listed in the top of your lead/marketing funnel.

Don’t worry, it’s not that hard, and you’ll probably start having fun with it! Also, you’ll get helpful advice here.

Blogging is as simple as, finding something interesting close to your heart (key) on the Internet, cut and pasting that information into your blog, then commenting your own thoughts about it, and then inviting others to engage by commenting about it, too. You don’t have to be a wiz kid to do this!

Keep in mind, if your visitors don’t have an inkling about who you are and a feel for your personality, how do you expect them to want to join with you in Youngevity?

Ask yourself, “Would I join with anybody without have a feeling of trust, and liking them first?”

You could just go to WordPress.com and start a blog like many already do. But this is unprofessional. Also, your options are severely limited with the plugins. Not with the way you’ll discover here at MWG …

Get One Year of Fast and Reliable Hosting and a Domain Name For FREE from ONE.com

When I first started this training site, I had originally offered to be the host, and offer a quick way to get a WordPress Site going on this MyMWG.com domain.

However, though I meant well, I realized that …

1) That’s not really “doing it right” getting you truly independent with your own website and domain. Why not get started off on the right foot to begin? That’s a better solution to full independence.

2) MyMWG.com  was a target by hacker group and got hacked. It took this valuable training site down, and took me 4 full-time days to get it back to normal. Having other users have websites on this domain makes the entire training site vulnerable to whatever they do. It’s just not worth the risk for anybody. Our training site is getting too large and important to risk this ever happening again.

So, again, the best solution is for you to get started right, at the beginning of your business. You can bootstrap your start-up for free at www.one.com.

Go ahead and get your free web hosting now with everything included

Consider your first six months in this business as your educational period, your training months. Unless you’re extremely ambitious, you can’t expect to make a whole lot of money while you’re in “college.”

Obviously, you’ve got to learn what you’re doing, first. However, you can make some money on the way … just not the big numbers, yet … until you become PRO.

At the end of this, you will be a serious Network Marketing professional AND professional Marketer, rivaling the others already doing this, and making a lot of money … if you work hard, and learn what you need to know.

Cloned, replicated  (company sites), and non-individualized websites don’t work to help you influence others to know, like, and trust you, so your prospect feels confident enough to either buy from you, or join you. Your credibility relies on your expression of individuality and showing you’re your own entrepreneur … a leader.

To YOUR Success!,




P.S. For a good reference on the basics of set-up, take a look here … Setting Up Your Website.

Have fun creating! You’ll likely surprise yourself, maybe more than once, about what YOU are capable of doing. Once you get going, your ideas will start flowing, your confidence will raise, and continued natural self-motivation kicks in.

Nobody will be able to stop you! That’s how it works, and that’s how you want it to be, right? Soon enough, you’ll be making money!

I appreciate your comments. So, comment away! ...