General Mills Gets Caught Red-Handed Putting Metal Shavings in Wheaties

Raw Metal in Wheaties

STOP Eating Wheaties NOW! BOYCOTT General Mills.

I’ve seen proof of this before with Corn Flakes. But Mike’s extreme magnification PROVES BEYOND A SHADOW OF DOUBT that General Mills puts in ground-up metal in their cereal.

I will NEVER buy from this unethical company again. They are caught red handed.

The Emperor is not wearing clothes! Wake up consumers!

Besides eating ground up metal shavings your body can’t absorb (only PLANT-based minerals can be absorbed),

… and who knows how much these metal bits stresses out the digestive system,

… one thing is for sure (besides this shocking video):

WHEATIES, even without the metal is BAD for you! Why? It’s loaded with gluten. Gluten STOPS the absorption of nutrients into your bloodstream and cells.


General Mills Gets Caught Red-Handed Putting Metal Shavings in Wheaties by
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