How to Generate 12 MLM Leads in ONE Hour with Phone Numbers. Proof!

Making the most efficient use of your time is essential, especially if you’re a part-time Network Marketer.

Network Marketing Part-TimeIf you’re working your opportunity part time, the fastest way to build your Network Marketing business is by buying phone-verified prospects from one of the 11 MLM Lead sources I provide. (I make nothing on this, btw.) You do have this free company list, right?

Then call them, with the rejection-proof phone techniques provided here, recently.

If you’re flat broke, and you can’t afford to pay $2 – $3 a lead, then you have to take another path, which will be a longer path.

1) You can approach your friends and relatives with your business. However, are you sure you want to do that knowing what Napolean Hill says in Think and Grow Rich? Remember?

The number one reason people fail in life is because they listen to their friends, family, and neighbors. ~ Napoleon Hill

Ironically, many network marketing leaders and companies suggest you read Hill’s book, yet apparently, NOT apply it.

Napoleon Hill wasn’t kidding when he wrote why the #1 reason people fail in life. Knowing this, are these really the right people to approach with your business, or have your downline approach?

Do you want yourself or your downline to get contaminated with negativity? Probably not. So let’s cancel this bad idea.

How to Get Free MLM Leads2) Go where other positive people are, especially network marketers, who have the dream to become better than they are. At any given time, somebody is unhappy with their current products, company, pay, sponsor or upline.

a) You could find a hotel meeting going on near you, and try to raid the distributors and their prospects there. However, I don’t suggest you do that. It’s unethical, and you’ll make a lot of enemies. (I do know some Amway distributors who have done this.)

b) You can go online and get involved with the largest community of network marketers and entrepreneurs you can find, and start networking with them, gracefully.

However, if you do this with others in a competing company, you better put on your thick skin, and better be damn well sure you’re confident with Youngevity, and know what you’re talking about.

If you don’t you will be prey to more experienced network marketers. (If you don’t know why Youngevity is still the hidden golden nugget, which has yet to be fully discovered and promoted right, then comment below, and I’ll explain).

OK. Let’s say you’re ready to put yourself in the middle of all these driven people. Where do you go? What community?

I found one for you, and if you use it right, you ought to be able to generate some leads for free. (You have your own blog, right, with your own domain name? Because you’ll need it for credibility and relationship building purposes.)

Here’s the link …

Yes, that’s my page. Amazingly, out of the thousands there, nobody thought of using about as a username. I find that a bit amusing. In marketing, you really need to use your head, and pay attention. Now I have an authoritative link, as if it’s my own site! ;)

At first I couldn’t believe you get this service free. I thought there was a catch. Is it cripple ware? Do I have to pay to get the full kit and kaboodle? The answer is, no.

They say that only 4% of the traffic there are IBO’s. The other 96% of the visitors are search engine traffic. I’ll quote them …

IBOtoolbox averages over 250,000 visitors daily. 96% of this traffic is non-incentivized, non-member traffic, only 4% is member traffic!

That’s a BIG deal if it’s true, and if it is, you have the opportunity to promote your business there, in a way, you likely couldn’t do anywhere else so quickly.

Now to answer to my headline of this post …

I just signed up for this today, and have gone over this site closely to pick it to pieces to make sure it’s not some scam which I inadvertently promote to my group. I found it’s on the up and up, and they have an A+ BBB rating, just like Youngevity.

I literally got 12 MLM Leads WITH phone numbers within an hour after I finished my profile, which took me about 30 minutes.

Of course, these people are NOT prospects. Leads are never prospects until they are qualified in their needs and wants. That will take some time to uncover. But what if just ONE out of these 12, after I get to know them, are dissatisfied about their particular program in some way? I dare say there may be a good chance.

What if, by spending 1 1/2 hours a day there, you could generate 1 prospect a day? Do you think you could build your business with that, part-time? 30 new prospects in a marketing funnel each month? I’m betting you can.

Those same people don’t even have to be BUSINESS prospects, do they? Would it be so bad to get a retail customer there? The beauty is everybody there is willing to communicate to you, because all who are there have LIKE MIND.

Wouldn’t you rather rub shoulders with these positive types? Instead of dealing with, That’s one of those pyramid thingy’s!?

People saying that to you are way down in the bottom of the barrel, imo. There are much better pickin’s right in front of us!

Here’s my link again …

By the way, when you join, and finish your profile, you’ll get 500 points of ad credits, which gives you 2,500 views for a 250x250px ad, which I’m running right now. (However, the 12 leads I got were not from this ad. These were people who REACHED OUT to me, not me to them. In other words, INBOUND.)

Oh yeah, one last item to answer the proof part in my title (headline) …

(There’s no reason you can’t do this, too. But … you just have to work! :) )

Display of the 12 Leads in One Hour

How to Generate 12 MLM Leads in ONE Hour with Phone Numbers. Proof! by
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