Has Life Delt You So Many Blows, You’ve Lost Hope, and Have Given Up America’s Dream?

Never lose hopeFor $33 (including product), they could easily start.

BUT, they won’t listen.  Who?

My poor family and some of my friends.

It’s frustrating, because I know I have the power (and knowledge) to empower them to drastically change their life to …

… a dream life of outstanding health (#1), offer them a realistic way to wealth, so they can stop struggling, and start living a life where they can live WHERE they want, have the home they want, own the car of their dreams, DO what they want, empower WHO they want, give generously to causes they believe in (like the homeless), and have the TIME to do it.

What’s, perhaps, most frustrating is my bafflement of WHY they don’t reach for this kind of life? Don’t they want it?

Why wouldn’t they want to set their life up so the generations of their family after them don’t have to struggle like them?

Are they so sucked up in their everyday life problems, they don’t have time to consider how they’re building a future for themselves AND their kids?

Are they really SO HAPPY with the way their lives are right now, that they can’t see a need to move in a better direction?

Do they believe my business is a joke?

America was BORN on entrepreneurship, wasn’t it? The dream of America, world-wide, is the opportunity build a better life for oneself and their family.

What happened to this dream in so many people?

It makes me sad to see anybody lose hope for a wonderful life, when I KNOW the opportunity is there for them. BUT, they have to be willing to LISTEN, and never stop being a Seeker. I struggle to find the Seekers in my family.

In the book, “The Science of Getting Rich”, it starts out that it’s one’s moral duty and imperative to become wealthy if one wants to have the TIME to spiritually grow, and to HELP OTHERS, besides oneself. It’s not the MONEY itself, it’s the FREE TIME it buys, and the empowerment it gives one to DO GOOD.

#6 in my recent article is reason enough for one to be in their own home business. If you read this post, all the way through, I congratulate you, and thank you for listening to my earnest message from my heart.

2014, for me, is about being MORE REAL and AUTHENTIC than ever before, and bringing up those crucial conversations which need to be aired, without running away from them or fighting. My heart comes from the place of sincerity and compassion.

There IS hope for a much, much better life. You can have a great life, too!

In my opinion, no other opportunity offers such hope for the “little guy”, the downtrodden, the broke, and anybody who has lost hope that the American dream is still possible.


The American dream is still alive and well!

Has Life Delt You So Many Blows, You've Lost Hope, and Have Given Up America's Dream? by
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Wayne Gerald

MLM Productivity Expert at Purium
Wayne Gerald is a MLM Productivity Expert, Copy Writer, Web Designer, and Network Marketer. He opened Japan Neways, and built an organization of 100,000 distributors resulting in 8M in sales each month. After that, he was #1 Top New Volume Producer in Life Force International. Today, he's building his last empire with Purium whole-food superfoods. His mission is to help the "little guy" (M/F) build a great lifestyle, where family health and wealth can be passed from generation to generation.

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