How Big is Your MLM Network Marketing Book Library? MLM Reading List

MLM Books Library - Recommended Reading List

“Your Network Marketing success will be in direct proportion to your MLM Book Library.”

As Jim Rohn says, “You’ve got to get to the class!”

So are you?


How large is your network marketing book library?

Is it embarrassingly dismal?

If you’ve been in network marketing long, you’ve likely already heard, “Leaders are Readers.”

Clearly, leaders are the one’s who succeed in network marketing in a big way.

How much time are you putting into your own self-development every day?

Have you read at least one chapter of a book on self-development/business building or 30-60 minutes of audio of the same, today? Is this in your daily routine, and set as a priority?

If you’re not practicing this every day, you likely are not having (and will not have) much success in network marketing.

Why? Because books and audios educate, activate the creativity of the mind, generate enthusiasm, and lead to activity … action!

So get in there, dig in, and learn! What’s stopping you?

Yes, it’s work to learn. However, did anybody tell you that you didn’t have to learn to succeed?

I promise, if you make learning by reading and listening, every day, a habit … you can’t help doing anything BUT succeed!

Below are some of the best books on network marketing. The knowledge is there for you. The question is, will you get to the class, read and apply what you learn?

It may take until book 9 on this reading list to “activate” your self-determination, and non-stop persistence until you succeed. So? I know this: At least, one of these books will set you on fire and nothing will stop you!

You will have that driving determination of, “I will succeed at this, no matter what!”

When this happens, non-stop creativity will flow. THEN is when this business starts becoming a blast  to do.


MLM Book Reading List


NQ NQ (Paperback)
by (shelved 1 time as network-marketing)
avg rating 3.47 , 22 ratings , published 2010


Ogilvy on Advertising Ogilvy on Advertising (Paperback)
by (shelved 1 time as network-marketing)
avg rating 4.12 , 4,274 ratings , published 1984


Carpe Phonum Carpe Phonum
by (shelved 1 time as network-marketing)
avg rating 4.67 , 7 ratings , published




Think and Grow Rich Think and Grow Rich (Paperback)
by (shelved 1 time as network-marketing)
avg rating 4.08 , 76,205 ratings , published 1937

The above list is a good MLM Book Library list to start.

For even more Network Marketing books, and the cheapest  places to buy them, go here …


Forward this Network Marketing Book Reading List to your downline.

(You can duplicate that, and so can they.)

How Big is Your MLM Network Marketing Book Library? MLM Reading List by
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