How to Ask for Referrals in MLM or Is there a BETTER Way?

How to ask for referrals in network marketingTradition in Network Marketing teaches that the way to get referrals for your business or for customers is to use the ole’ “Who do you know who would …. (fill in the blanks)?” question.

However, how many people really do this or WANT to do this? It’s a very bold outbound/push marketing approach which puts the person you’re asking on the spot. Do you really want to do this? I don’t.

If you DO want to use this approach, then this may be a better way to go about it …

First, keep it very low key, and be specific if possible.

Narrow it from “who do you know who….” to a more targeted niche, based on either your product or your specific demographic.

Ideas for getting referrals – questions to ask

Who do you know who is a stay home mom wanting to make some extra money?

Who do you know who has been hard by the economy and might be looking?

Who do you know who is a people person and very outgoing?

Who do you know who has been involved in home business before?

If you’re lucky enough for these questions to actually work for you … when you call, you reference the person who referred them, make a compliment both ways – to the referring person and to the person who was referred, and then use the same success language you always would –

““Hi Jerry, this is Bill (the outbound push-marketer cold calling you – JOKE!). You don’t know me, however we have a mutual friend, John Doe. I was chatting with him about a business project I am working on because he is very well connected, and I value his opinion. He thought this is something you might be intrigued with because you are so friendly and people-oriented. I don’t know if you would be open to it, but I would love to email over a short online video, and have you evaluate it, and see if it might be a fit, and if the timing is right. Would you be open to that?”

Something like the above is actually widely taught in network marketing. To me, it sounds contrived and fabricated (because IT IS!). If somebody said anything like the above to me, I’d be turned off, and politely exit asap. If you’re good with doing this approach, more power to you! We’re all different. However, being this person is just not me.

On the other hand, the following is down my alley and fits my personality. (I can’t stand pushing people.)

Instead of feeling intimidated by asking for referrals, why not get smart and make this an archaic action of the past?

“I’d love to Wayne, but HOW do I do that?”

Do you have your blog site yet? See, when you put yourself out there in social media, and you start having conversations which people can hear… they’ll see how bright you are. They’ll see how committed you are. They’ll see how ambitious you are.

And they’ll want to connect up with you.

You won’t need anybody’s referral, you won’t need anybody’s testimonial. You doing just what you do naturally will make a HUGE difference in your business.

It’s very simple, it’s very straightforward, the only thing you need to do is … to do it!

If you follow 1/10th of what’s on this site, you’ll be able to at least DOUBLE the number of people seeing you (and in many cases more than double).

And that means attracting more prospects, leads and sales on a weekly or monthly basis.

It’s that simple.

You just have to think about creating relationships.

Repeat: You just have to think about creating relationships.

You do this by actually becoming recognized by others as being helpful, instead of an obnoxious salesperson where others clearly see you’re an obvious pushy person is looking at the money. You can’t be that person and succeed (at least for long).

Always keep this in mind to help you generate new ideas for when you write, speak, and take actions …


Do you have something worth sharing? Share THAT. If you don’t, then you need to work on yourself to make yourself more valuable. Start with the Life Skills training here, and the other Business Training. You WILL become extremely valuable if you do. Then people will follow.

Social media is a great way to get referrals by sharing, and those referrals will “refer” you by sharing what you share.

One last thought …

Never mistaken “simple” for “duplicatable” (and effectiveness)

Think about that for awhile. I’ll likely write another article later which expounds on this.

How to Ask for Referrals in MLM or Is there a BETTER Way? by
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