Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Set Up your New MWG Website

Build a WordPress Business Marketing Machine Website


The following information will show you how to create your own WordPress business website. Soon you will have your own marketing machine … one you can be proud of, and one which you created yourself.

Your sites creation and most of the set-up has already been done FOR you, though. The rest is just tweaking it out, choosing your Theme, available Plugins, Menus, and supplying your content. I’ve made this as easy as possible for you.


WordPress Video Tutorials on Building Your Website

WordPress Beginners Courses for Business Websites

In the first video (shorter training), you’ll learn how to put together a website. The theme and plugin tools used in this tutorial are already installed in your MWG WordPress Admin Page for your convenience. (So you don’t need to install them as he shows how. Just activate them.) You’ll be able to easily follow along, and actually PRACTICE and DO what is shown in the video.

You will love what you created by the end, and have a new confidence in your new ability, and be able to apply this knowledge to your business building.

Ebook on Building a Business Website with WordPress

How to Set-up your New MWG WordPress Website

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