Massive 12 1/2 Year Network Marketing Audio Training Archive

 3/7/2013 Bob Adams discusses Home Based Business Tax Strategies
 5/3/2012 Special Guest Kim Klaver
 3/29/2012 To Be Titled Soon
 3/21/2012 To Be Titled Soon
 3/15/2012 To Be Titled Soon
 3/8/2012 To Be Titled Soon
 9/29/2011 To Be Titled Soon
 9/22/2011 To Be Titled Soon
 9/15/2011 To Be Titled Soon
 9/8/2011 To Be Titled Soon
 9/1/2011 Description Coming Soon
 8/11/2011 Using the Your Own Economy theme with Phase2 and Phase3 (to be uploaded)
 8/4/2011 to be uploaded
 7/28/2011 Simple Tips to apply
 7/21/2011 to be titled
 7/14/2011 Leaving Voicemail Messages
 6/16/2011 To be titled (Vincent)
 6/9/2011 to be titled
 6/2/2011 to be titled
 5/26/2011 How to work Monday Holidays
 5/19/2011 The Making Sales or Excuses Course
 3/24/2011 Asking people to buy or join
 3/25/2010 Blending Creativity and Common Sense
 3/18/2010 Use your creativity to get more referrals
 3/11/2010 Your activities and doing what really counts
 3/4/2010 Focus your activities and do what really counts
 2/25/2010 Everyday things you already know that can be applied to your business
 2/18/2010 Vincent discusses focus
 2/11/2010 The benefits of promoting LMS and the New Person Advertising Package
 2/4/2010 Focus and be successful
 1/28/2010 "You're only as free as your options" theme
 1/21/2010 How to work the Leads in your LMS (short version)
 1/21/2010 How to work the Leads in your LMS (complete call)
 1/7/2010 Starting strong in January
 12/17/2009 Building in December
 12/10/2009 Logical reasons for building in December
 12/3/2009 PM Motivational Channel
 11/19/2009 Questions and how to use them most effectively
 11/12/2009 Learning the ropes
 11/5/2009 The confusion between activities and results
 10/29/2009 Booster Package and the Sales and Leadership Course
 10/22/2009 Phase2 Sites and Your Own Economy
 10/15/2009 Kim Klaver and new FTC rules on advertising and blogging
 10/8/2009 How to have your best month ever
 10/1/2009 Updates on technology and resources
 9/24/2009 John Fogg and How to get out of a Funk
 9/17/2009 How to minimize No Shows
 9/10/2009 Gale on Gears to Selling
 8/27/2009 Combo Call- FTC new rules and Phase2 sites
 8/20/2009 About the new Automated Dialer Laws
 8/13/2009 NetworkLeads TV and Phase2
 8/6/2009 Using Phase2
 7/30/2009 Understanding the importance of leverage
 7/23/2009 Understanding Leverage
 7/16/2009 Tips on following up
 7/9/2009 Three Way Calls and 20 Creative Solutions Method
 7/2/2009 Manage your business through confusing times
 6/25/2009 Qualifying versus disqualifying
 6/18/2009 Developing the right mindset and attitude before calling
 6/11/2009 How to use a personalized website
 6/4/2009 The power of effective stories
 5/28/2009 Basic selling skills and philosophies
 5/21/2009 PM Notify and Transferring Leads
 5/14/2009 How to develop your company/ personal/opportunity story
 5/7/2009 KISC Training and how to promote and stay focused
 4/30/2009 Gale discusses Gears to Selling continued
 4/23/2009 Handling the no money objection, again.
 4/16/2009 Important Phases in working your leads
 4/9/2009 Gale discusses the Gears to Selling
 3/26/2009 John Fogg on MasterMind Sessions
 3/19/2009 John Fogg on what really works
 3/12/2009 The Little People Tool Box- quick and detailed explanation
 3/5/2009 Closing and the transitions to learn
 2/26/2009 Essential Ideas to focus on
 2/19/2009 Nick and customer service walk through
 2/12/2009 Rick Ernest- the Best Coach and Best Seller
 2/5/2009 Focus and Building your business
 1/29/2009 Learning how to ask people to join or buy
 1/22/2009 Rick Ernst and Secrets of the Richer Life
 1/15/2009 Helping Rick Ernst become a Best Seller and GMP with PMDollars
 1/8/2009 PM Dollars and the new Person Advertising Package
 12/18/2008 Working through the December Holidays
 12/11/2008 More about PM Dollars
 12/4/2008 PM Dollars program with New Person Advertising Package
 11/20/2008 Peter explains New Person Advertising Package with Kim Klaver as guest
 11/13/2008 Peter introduces PM Dollars
 11/6/2008 Advanced User's Guide to PM Dial
 10/30/2008 How to handle the "I don't have any Money" response
 10/23/2008 Qualifying versus Disqualifying
 10/9/2008 Kim Klaver discusses Prospecting in tough times
 9/25/2008 Peter discusses attitudes and actions about the economy
 9/18/2008 Fundamentals necessary when prospecting
 9/11/2008 Transitions and changes
 9/4/2008 How to do 5 to 10 Presentations every day
 8/28/2008 Understanding the "no money" objection
 8/14/2008 Quick Overview and Tips on using PM Dial
 8/7/2008 PM Dial and the new Survey Package
 7/31/2008 Kim Klaver, how to find the right people?
 7/24/2008 Peter discusses Pushing Product or Opportunity or both
 7/17/2008 The Benefits of QDC
 7/10/2008 Taking advantage of PM Marketing
 7/3/2008 Working Holiday weekends
 6/26/2008 Tools- How to Sell, Present, Promote
 6/19/2008 How to do the simple HOUSE presentation
 6/12/2008 Too much training? How do you handle it.
 6/5/2008 Peter discusses Domain Names and how the Internet works for Newbies
 5/29/2008 Peter discusses KISC Principles
 5/22/2008 Staying out of the Ring
 5/15/2008 PM Marketing's Tech evolution leading up to PM Dial
 5/8/2008 Handling Objections
 5/1/2008 Philosophies and Understanding
 4/24/2008 Take Control, Learn how to ask, Recognize the obvious
 4/17/2008 Gale and the 3 Gears
 4/10/2008 Use PM Dial to build your business
 4/3/2008 PM Dial review
 3/27/2008 PM Dial - a walk through
 3/20/2008 Grace Keohohou and the DSWA
 3/13/2008 John Milton Fogg on Belief Busters
 3/6/2008 Nicki Keohohou discusses DSWA event and what is important to women
 2/28/2008 Peter reviews Crucial Conversations
 2/21/2008 PM Dial Introduction
 2/14/2008 Peter discusses Trends and Tie Downs
 2/7/2008 Learn about Cushions and Sandwiches
 1/31/2008 Peter interviews Gary Coxe
 1/24/2008 Paula English- 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning
 1/17/2008 The IceBreaker Game- our newest favorite movie and interactive game
 1/10/2008 Attitudes and Philosophies kicking off 2008
 1/3/2008 Introducing the PM Marketing NetworkLeads Band- New Year Resolutions
 12/27/2007 Tips on developing Your Own Results Chart
 12/20/2007 Attitudes towards working your business during the Holidays
 12/13/2007 Holiday Stories and how to really build in December
 12/6/2007 John Milton Fogg discusses negative approaches and his CrazyGift
 11/29/2007 Dr. Keith Laggos discusses Networking Marketing
 11/15/2007 John Milton Fogg introduces the MasterMind Sessions
 11/8/2007 Comments on Waging a Living Movie and explanations for Poor Performance V.V.H.
 11/1/2007 Sharing Examples- RRs and PPs -Reflex Responses and Predictable Patterns
 10/25/2007 Gale discusses LMS new features, IceBreakers, and NLP
 10/18/2007 How to utliize and promote PM Marketing Tools
 10/11/2007 Snipits- 1) PM Notify Sounds 2) Different worlds 3) Residual Leverage 4) Product Movement
 10/4/2007 Vincent shares his experiences
 9/27/2007 Understanding Questions
 9/20/2007 Viruses, Focus, and IceBreaker fine tuning
 9/13/2007 tbn
 9/6/2007 Domain Names Registration and The Power of Questions
 8/30/2007 Timing and Mechanisms on when to close, ask for referrals, to follow up
 8/23/2007 Peter Mingils discusses How to stay focused
 8/16/2007 On IceBreakers
 8/2/2007 Peter Mingils talks about Specialty IceBreakers
 7/26/2007 The Lottery Card Deck Explained
 7/19/2007 Peter discusses simple explanations for new prospects
 7/12/2007 What goes through the mind of someone working leads
 7/5/2007 Using what you already know to build your business
 6/28/2007 Peter Mingils on "closing"
 6/21/2007 Peter Mingils and The Anatomy of a Question
 6/14/2007 Gale on Leads and Communication
 5/31/2007 Peter Mingils discusses 4 important ?'s when building your business
 5/24/2007 Peter Mingils discusses Mind Reading
 5/17/2007 Peter Mingils explains Phase2
 5/10/2007 The Three Gears, a Planned Presentation
 5/3/2007 MLM Chicken Soup for the Soul Article Guidelines
 4/26/2007 IceBreaker Training Movie-Group Participation
 4/19/2007 Gale combines Icebreakers, Gears and NLP
 4/12/2007 Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Marketing and EMOS
 4/5/2007 Nicki Keohohou and her DSWA story
 3/29/2007 Peter Mingils introduces Dr. Joe Rubino
 3/15/2007 Visualizing a simple presentation
 3/8/2007 Almost everything you wanted to know about EMOS, LMS, and Internet Marketing
 3/1/2007 Using your Group PM Notify feature in LMS
 2/22/2007 Learning to work with people, PP's, RR's, TTPSW, TTPDW
 2/15/2007 Learning about the 3 types of people
 2/8/2007 Rod Cook introduces the DRA Internet Seminar
 2/1/2007 Warm versus Cold Market
 1/25/2007 Gale presents NLP and more
 1/11/2007 How leaders interfere
 1/4/2007 How to Build in January
 12/28/2006 Finishing up 2006, Ben Franklin and Instant Reverses
 12/14/2006 How to write an EMOS email campaign
 12/7/2006 New Products: NetworkLeads TV, PM Notify and Phase 2
 11/30/2006 Why Build it Big during the Holidays
 11/9/2006 Simple explanations for Business Model and Compensation
 10/19/2006 PM Marketing Leads and Systems Overview
 10/12/2006 Little People Tool Box
 10/5/2006 Dr. Charles King explains International Potential
 9/21/2006 PM Marketing Summary Introduction
 9/14/2006 Dr. Charles King - The professional appeal of MLM
 9/7/2006 Dr. Charles King Teaches MLM Past, Present, and Future
 8/31/2006 Dr. Charles King - insight and seminar
 8/24/2006 Posture and Prospecting - with Lisa Kitter
 8/17/2006 Follow-up - 3 Tips that make a difference
 8/10/2006 3 Things People do to Guarantee Their Failure
 8/3/2006 The 3 Things You can do immediately to Increase your Business
 7/27/2006 Guest Speaker
 7/20/2006 Peter Mingils explains Phase2 - Brining your business to the next level
 7/13/2006 Kim Klaver Blogs
 7/6/2006 Introducing Phase2
 6/22/2006 How to handle negative press and the intro to Phase2
 6/15/2006 Nicki Keohohou and Peter Mingils discuss FTC Proposal
 6/8/2006 Gale's NLP training continued
 5/11/2006 Rod Cook prepares MLMers for FTC challenges
 5/4/2006 Fundamentals of Effective Communications
 4/27/2006 NLP for beginners - Presented by Gale
 4/6/2006 Belief Systems, Ego and Conditioning
3/30/2006 2 Simple "laws": 1) Laws of promotion and delegation. 2) Laws of helping make a decision.
 3/16/2006 For Beginners - Learning how all this (LMS and EMOS) works
 3/9/2006 Snippets on STYLED and Bowling and Betty Crocker
 3/2/2006 DWSA CoFounder Nicki Keohohou - More Build it Big
 2/23/2006 Special Guest Kim Klaver
 2/2/2006 Are you branding your business?
 1/26/2006 Remember what it's like to be new
 1/19/2006 Learning the ropes with LMS and EMOS
 1/5/2006 Drama and Sincerity versus Hype and Over-Promotion
 12/29/2005 wrapping up 2005, and setting up 2006
 12/22/2005 How to call people who open your emails?
 12/15/2005 Managing Change - Understanding Switching Gears
 12/8/2005 How LMS will help you follow up
 12/1/2005 Fast Forwarding... managing what happens next
 11/10/2005 Learning How to Use Your LMS (Lead Management System)
 10/27/2005 Big MACS and KISC Training
 10/19/2005 Special Guest Kim Klaver
 10/13/2005 Kim Klaver presents Building in a Skeptical Market
 10/6/2005 Leadership Issues
 9/29/2005 A fascinating interview with Rod Cook
 9/22/2005 Play the NetMillionaire Game
 9/8/2005 The BEST MLM movie ever made
 9/1/2005 Lessons from Hurricane Katrina
 8/25/2005 Peter Mingils and Greg Dwyer present the basics of KISC training
 8/18/2005 Huh, treat your business like a game?
 8/4/2005 The three simple things you can do to increase your business
 7/21/2005 Making the right Choices
 7/14/2005 Orando Seminar, MLMStories, MyPlan2Win Virtual Office
 7/7/2005 Greg Dwyer
 6/30/2005 Simple and Obvious tips most people miss
 6/23/2005 How do you help people make a decision now?
 6/16/2005 How is a roller coaster and a cute deer related to your business?
 6/9/2005 Who to manage Changes and Imperfections in your business
 6/2/2005 Do whatever it takes to figure this out and KISC seminars
 5/26/2005 Recap of DRA, KISC Seminars, Working during Holidays
 5/19/2005 Vincent Mingils & Greg Dwyer
 5/12/2005 STYL'd - the variables when working leads
 5/5/2005 Forget about women? - Peter Mingils and Kim Klaver
 4/28/2005 An Insiders' look at whether or not to use leads
 4/21/2005 Why Leaders work Leads
 4/7/2005 What PM Marketing/ Network Leads offers
 3/31/2005 Increasing Retention with Terrell Transtrum
 3/24/2005 Huh? Your success mechanism will cause you to fail?
 3/17/2005 How to start a conversation when they say "tell me more"
 3/10/2005 Vincent Mingils
 3/3/2005 Using your Talking Pen
 2/24/2005 Ideas for motivation- for yourself and others
 2/17/2005 The three tools you bring wherever you go
 2/10/2005 Jeffery Combs - on a roll !
 2/3/2005 Three Major reasons why people do or do not join
 1/27/2005 Snapshot, rewind and fast forward
 1/20/2005 Peter Mingils and Greg Dwyer working together to help you make it
 1/6/2005 Nicki Keohohou and the Direct Selling Women's Alliance (DSWA) will help you Build it Big!
 12/30/2004 Learn about MBA and Rewind/ Fast Forward
 12/23/2004 The eTag- Energy field challenges- If you use a Cell Phone or Computer, or you are around EMFs
 12/16/2004 Working and Building Big during the Holidays
 12/9/2004 How to ask people to join without being perceived as "pushy"
 12/3/2004 Peter Mingils and Kim Klaver discuss "The 5 secrets a Pro Uses to work leads without going crazy"
11/18/2004 How to work through the Holidays
 11/11/2004 News about Excel and the special ingredients for closing more
 10/28/2004 Simple things to make a difference
 10/21/2004 EMOS
 10/14/2004 Dr. King
 10/7/2004 Mini Series Fact or Fiction - unspoken concepts when working leads
 9/30/2004 Show your prospects the track to follow
 9/23/2004 Watch out! You might be rushing things
 9/16/2004 Dr. King explains MLM's "speed to market"
 9/9/2004 What PM Marketing/NetworkLeads can do for you
 9/2/2004 Vincent Mingils Interviews Dr. Charles King
 8/26/2004 Dr. King speaks about Distributors Rights and responsibilities
 8/19/2004 How to make sure you close more of what you want to close
 8/12/2004 How to use travel incentives effectively
 8/5/2004 Reflex Responses, Predictable Patterns, Favorite Phrases
 7/29/2004 The House Story
 7/22/2004 Peter interviews Greg Dwyer about his new material
 7/15/2004 Becoming a "translator"
 7/8/2004 The details on the NetworkLeads Implementation Course 101
 7/1/2004 Beginning discussions about the Implementation 101 Course
 6/24/2004 Kim Klaver and her new book
 6/17/2004 What to look forward to when working your leads
 6/10/2004 How some things have changed or stayed the same
 6/3/2004 How to bring people to your prospecting calls
 5/27/2004 How to master IceBreakers
 5/20/2004 Dr. Charles King on the professional appeal of MLM
 5/13/2004 Crucial Conversations Co-Author Ron McMillan
 5/6/2004 Preparation for Crucial Conversations call with Ron McMillan
 4/29/2004 Jeff Koleski introduces Intgold, the online payment system
 4/22/2004 How to promote your tools and minimize No-Shows
 4/15/2004 Are you running your business or is your business running you?
 4/8/2004 Kim Klaver helps you acquire more customers
 4/1/2004 Jeffery Combs and the Dynamics of Prospecting
 3/25/2004 Peter's ten wives?
 3/18/2004 "Things" that might be holding your people back
 3/11/2004 Smile and Dial
 3/4/2004 Rod Cook introduces your Distributor Rights Association
 2/26/2004 Greg Dwyer Simplifies and organizes your business
 2/19/2004 Explaining the Impact of total strangers and The introduction of MLM stories
 2/5/2004 Kim Klaver talks about "how to get 100 customers in 100 days
 1/22/2004 QDC rewound
 1/15/2004 To QDC or not QDC, that is the question
 1/8/2004 How to use EMOS, for the beginner user
 12/18/2003 New laws and regulations and what this means to you
 12/11/2003 Role playing through QDC
 12/4/2003 Prospecting more efficiently with QDC
 11/20/2003 Building your business through the Holidays, and Whirling your prospects into a frenzy
 11/13/2003 Learning how to promote
 11/6/2003 The few things you must teach your new people when working leads
 10/30/2003 Building Momentum during the holidays and QDC techniques while prospecting
 10/23/2003 Review of UIC Seminar and what you can do to keep your people
 10/16/2003 Vincent Mingils speaks on keeping yourself focused to build your business over the phone
 10/9/2003 Special Guest Dr. Charles King
 10/2/2003 What do people really want?
 9/25/2003 About the Do Not Call List
 9/25/2003 More about Dr. King's seminar
 9/18/2003 Implementing Crucial Conversations
 9/11/2003 Get more of your people plugged into this stuff
 8/28/2003 Internet and autoresponder stuff
 8/14/2003 Ron McMillan, co author of best seller "Crucial Conversations", returns with additional tips to appl
 8/7/2003 Eric Su helps bridge the gap between what you know and what you do
 7/31/2003 Special Guest Dr. Charles King
 7/24/2003 Kim Klaver, explains how to generate more product sales.
 7/17/2003 Nicki Keohohou, Founder of Direct Sales Women's Alliance
 7/10/2003 Kim Klaver... Increasing your income through Product Sales
 6/26/2003 Keeping the Focus with Lisa Kitter
 6/19/2003 Special Guest Lisa Kitter
 6/12/2003 Robert Butwin; The 3 things that you're really selling to others and the 4 types of people
 6/5/2003 Special Guest Rick Ernst, Success Coach
 5/29/2003 Special Guest Rick Ernst, Success Coach
 5/22/2003 Maximizing your results with working leads
 5/15/2003 Special Guest Tim Sales
 5/8/2003 The fundamentals of working leads
 4/24/2003 "Crucial Conversations" with best seller Ron McMillan
 4/17/2003 Special Guest?DSWAs Deborah Sullivan
 4/10/2003 Special Guest Rick Ernst
 3/13/2003 Special Guest Rick Ernst - Increase your financial potential and begin to live the Richer Life
 2/27/2003 Do you believe that relationships are extremely important in your developing business?
 1/30/2003 Technology
 1/23/2003 A Simple System to Success Online (note: SS2S replaced with Phase2)
 1/16/2003 Special Guest Jennie England, Professional coach
 1/2/2003 Special Guest Vicky Collins - Taxes
 12/12/2002 Special Guest Niki Keohohou - Working with women to drive your organization to the top
 11/21/2002 What might be missing, Multipliers of Zero
 11/14/2002 Lisa Kitter and Peter on Posture and Prospecting
 11/7/2002 Lisa Kitter's guest appearance
 10/31/2002 Special Guest Jeffery Combs
 10/24/2002 Kim Klaver & Peter discuss "What do you say to turn around and experienced but burned out MLMer?"
 10/22/2002 Kim Klaver & Peter discuss promoting your business
 10/17/2002 Special Guest Niki Keohohou - President of the Direct Selling Women's Association and a member of th
 10/10/2002 How you talk to people
 9/26/2002 You are sponsoring people, but not as many as you feel you should
 9/19/2002 Special Guest Kim Klaver
 9/12/2002 Qualifying and Closing
 8/22/2002 Imagine this while working Leads
 8/8/2002 Kim Klaver introduces her new Plan B book
 7/18/2002 Special Guest WebGuyScott, Speaks on using audio with the Internet
 7/11/2002 Options & Opportunities, there has never been a better time in which to build a network marketing co
 6/27/2002 Education on Lead Generation if your are going to effectively use leads to build your business
 6/25/2002 How we get leads, what they cost, the percents and how to work the good ones
 5/30/2002 The new people you are speaking to
 5/23/2002 Special Guest Kim Klaver
 5/2/2002 Strategies Behind Your Business
 4/25/2002 Special Guest Lisa Kitter Combs
 4/11/2002 Dynamic Guest Speaker Barry Burns
 4/4/2002 The Outside the Box Call
 3/28/2002 Working with your new people
 3/21/2002 Make it Personal for your prospect
 3/14/2002 Confirming Appointments for Conference Calls
 3/7/2002 Costs Associated with Working Leads
 2/28/2002 Helping you to Visualize your Story
 2/21/2002 3 Legs of a stool to never have any Losers in the equation
 2/14/2002 Files are making me crazy
 2/7/2002 Guest Speaker Jeffery Combs
 1/31/2002 The Most Frequently Asked Things
 1/24/2002 Structure an e-mail piece to be effective
 1/17/2002 How to Handle Quitting
 1/10/2002 Perspective- What exactly are you looking for
 1/3/2002 How to handle leads in the most effective and professional way
 12/27/2001 Building your business in the most effective and efficient way using optin email
 12/20/2001 How to build your business and thrive during the holidays, while others are "sleeping"
 12/13/2001 Holiday Excuses
 12/6/2001 To be Titled
 11/29/2001 Auto Responders and Internet Marketing
 11/15/2001 What is your Ice-Breaker?
 11/8/2001 You are where you are as a result of the decisions you have made over the last 2 -5 years
 11/1/2001 What do you set in motion?
 10/25/2001 The difference between sales and networking
 10/18/2001 It's Like Sales, It's Not like Sales
 10/18/2001 Hamburger University and You
 10/4/2001 Who are You Looking For
 9/20/2001 Maybe it is better to wait until you are ready?
 9/6/2001 Chiropractic Adjustment for your Head
 8/30/2001 What happens if you take too long
 8/23/2001 What do you teach a new guy
 8/16/2001 After you Buy Leads, Listen to this
 8/9/2001 Difficulties people have working a lead
 8/2/2001 Generalized rules of the Industry
 7/12/2001 3 Phases of Prospecting
 7/5/2001 Before you Buy Leads, Listen to this
 6/21/2001 How to follow-up with leads
 6/7/2001 Internet Marketing
 5/24/2001 Developing the stories you need to tell
 5/17/2001 Handling Common Objections
 5/10/2001 Golden Hours of Network Marketing
 4/26/2001 SS2S First Phone Call
 4/12/2001 Conversations you should have with New People Part 2
 4/5/2001 Basics about Marketing on the Internet
 3/22/2001 System Overview
 3/15/2001 What you didn't know about Betty Crocker, the Movies, and Bowling
 3/8/2001 Understanding Human Nature
 3/4/2001 An Interview with "Ms. Stud" Kim Klaver at
 3/1/2001 Conversations you should have with New People
 2/22/2001 information
 2/22/2001 Some of the "things" you have to know about working leads
 2/20/2001 Conference Call with Kim Klaver
 2/15/2001 "Inside scoop stuff" on what's working "online"
 2/8/2001 Are you Getting your Prospects Attention?
 2/1/2001 The "Thinking" Call
 1/25/2001 Time Sensitive Specials
 1/25/2001 What are some of the best ways to work with my new distributors?
 1/11/2001 Opt-in Lists
 1/11/2001 How to do it bad, good, better and best
 1/4/2001 Keeping your head clear, avoiding distractions, and working around the inevitable obstacles
 12/28/2000 How do you know when your prospect is tunedin or out of your conversation
 12/21/2000 How to build your business through the holidays
 12/14/2000 Lead Generation, what you need to know
 12/7/2000 Phone Phobia...
 11/29/2000 Your presentation..does it have what it takes to be a good one
 11/22/2000 How to use the "tools" in your business more effectively
 11/16/2000 Computers, Viruses, & Jargon
 11/16/2000 Warm and Cold Market Prospecting
 11/9/2000 Tips on Speeding up your computer
 11/9/2000 The Fortune is in the Follow-Up
 11/2/2000 Telefire Call with Doug Firebaugh
 11/2/2000 Travel Incentive Certificates
 11/2/2000 The Pumpkin Factor/The Holiday Objections
 10/26/2000 Precision Model for Responding
 10/26/2000 Additional resources/training to work your business better
 10/19/2000 Opt-in Leads
 10/19/2000 The "Gatekeeper"
 10/12/2000 "R" Word Conference Call
 10/5/2000 How to integrate Hi-tech with Hi-touch
 9/28/2000 Various Business tips (Has noise)
 9/28/2000 Overcoming Objections: No Money, No Time, MLM, etc.
 9/21/2000 How To Work Database Leads and MLMers
 9/14/2000 How To Setup a Presentation
 8/31/2000 How to work with New People