MLM Training – Basic Training to Get Started Right in Network Marketing – Audio

MLM Basic Training

11 Hours of Essential Network Marketing Training on the Basics

Important Note: Your new distributor is likely to be excited. However, encourage them to hold their horses until they get through their basic training. I highly recommend going through this online audio training in sequence to get the most out of this MLM training. So don’t skip. This network marketing training is designed in the order it is on purpose.

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“Take Charge of your Life – The Winners Seminar”


Basic Training 101 – Lead Generation


Basic Training 102 – Qualifying Your Prospect


Basic Training 103 – Follow Up Techniques and Strategies


Basic Training 104 – Handling Objections and Competitor Hype


Basic Training 105 – Motivation and Goal Setting


Basic Training 106 – Reducing Attrition


Basic Training 107 – Legal Issues



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