Network Marketing (MLM) is a REAL Business, Not a Hobby


You’re in a real business as a Network Marketer.

So what if you’re an independent contracter who finds other independent contractors, and coordinates with them by making sure they get trained so they can succeed?

So what if the manufacturer keeps records of the “inter-web” linkage of all the distributors in your “family tree” of independent contractors, so they can properly pay you, based on the agreement you and your independent contractors agreed with the manufacturer.

Just because of the structure one builds their business group, or how the manufacturer pays your business organization doesn’t change the marketing rules of basic business, does it?

A business is a business

… whether you’re involved in the network marketing industry or not. Just because of the structure doesn’t mean one can get away with breaking marketing rules.

Marketing is marketing

… no matter which  industry you’re in.

So why aren’t the majoriy of network marketers treating their business like a real business?

Beats me! Apparently, they’re not taught to do what you’re going to learn here. I consider this a leadership failure of many supposed leaders, AND the network marketing companies themselves.

That won’t be the case here. So if you have had a limited idea (paradigm) of network marketing, and how one is “supposed” to do it, get ready to expand your mind here at MWG. You’re going to learn how to become a real marketer here … what I like to call a “Marketing Warrior.”

You will learn how to do the same stuff as the “big boys” do in business.

You ready for the challenge to stay ahead of your game, to be a forward thinker (a leader)? Or do you want to be indoctrinated by the old traditions of network marketing, with its limited ways of marketing, thus staying limited in your own scope of business thinking about your marketing?

When the tagline of MWG says, “Putting Marketing back into Network Marketing”, we’re serious.

Soon, you will see how true that is, if you haven’t already noticed. :)

To Your Success!,
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Network Marketing (MLM) is a REAL Business, Not a Hobby by
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Wayne Gerald

MLM Productivity Expert at Purium
Wayne Gerald is a MLM Productivity Expert, Copy Writer, Web Designer, and Network Marketer. He opened Japan Neways, and built an organization of 100,000 distributors resulting in 8M in sales each month. After that, he was #1 Top New Volume Producer in Life Force International. Today, he's building his last empire with Purium whole-food superfoods. His mission is to help the "little guy" (M/F) build a great lifestyle, where family health and wealth can be passed from generation to generation.

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