Network Marketing Telephone Training Boot-Camp – Become a PRO (Audio)

Free Network Marketing Telephone Sales Training

Learn how to feel comfortable selling over the telephone so you become a recruiting and sales-generating machine!


Selling on the telephone is harder than face-to-face selling. One-on-one appointments and group meetings are always easier. However, you’ll spend a lot more time doing them.

The telephone is, by far, much more time-efficient, and you’ll speed up the growth of your network marketing business this way, faster than any other way available, IF … you get good.

The methods here reduce the possibility of any “rejection” down to the bare minimum, where it’s just a rare occurence. The WAY is right here. Learn the very latest techniques and strategies to become a seven-figure Network Marketing Champion.

You’ll learn nuts-and-bolts specifics, that are learnable by anybody with ambition. Master this, and you’ve mastered your income for the rest of your life (never again, will you worry about money).

Hours and hours of live-recorded calls are right here, so you can learn by hearing … as it happened.


Let’s Start …


12:44     An Overview of The Implementation 101 Course


23:40     The Three Phases of Working a Lead


39:43     Icebreakers – How To Break The Ice


Day 2


3:49     A quick review of the Implementation 101 Course


11:08     The 3 Techniques And A Foundation To Build Upon


7:08     What is QDC ?


3:16     The Five Scenarios Or Motives When People Say “Stuff”


11:45    How And why To Use The Simplest Formula For A Qualifying Question


3:46     Role Playing Through Some Common Scenarios


7:11      Using The Three Tools QDC, Clarify, and Translate


6:22     Predictable Patterns, More Examples, Bonus Materials


3:33     A Final Review


Recorded Live Prospecting Calls – Listen to them in ACTION


Live Prospecting Calls 1


Live Prospecting Calls 2


Live Prospecting Calls 3


Live Prospecting Calls 4


Live Prospecting Calls 5


Live Prospecting Calls 6


Live Prospecting Calls 7


Live Prospecting Calls 8


Live Prospecting Calls 9


Live Prospecting Calls 10


Live Calls for Women’s Group


Live Call Wrong Number


Be Creative – Hang In There – Ask For Referrals


Other Calls


Crucial Conversations Co-Author Ron McMillan


Ron McMillan, co author of best seller “Crucial Conversations”, returns with additional tips to apply to your business


“Crucial Conversations” with best seller Ron McMillan


Learn about MBA and Rewind/Fast Forward


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They offer the leads, systems, and training to get your business moving and shaking.

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(Note: I make no commission whatsoever recommending these leads. They’re just a great company which I know you’ll be satisfied with.)

Network Marketing Telephone Training Boot-Camp - Become a PRO (Audio) by
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