One Size Fits ALL in Network Marketing? My Eternal Pet Peeve about some MLM Leaders

Wrong Action for the Wrong Person

I have pet peeve about RIGID systems of building network marketing, which I consider a TOTAL MYTH.

That is … the idea there is a rigid system out there which everybody, no matter who, should follow … without any consideration of their existing skills and strengths.

IMO, each person’s skills should be carefully taken into consideration before any decision is made as to how they should go about building their business. I may be totally wrong. But logic can’t make my head wrap it any other way.

Duplication is a MYTH if we define it as “everybody doing the exact same thing.”

Why? Everybody can’t duplicate speaking on stage, can they? Yet some MLM leaders insist on duplicating them? The reality is, most can’t or just won’t do it! Are you ready to hop on the stage?

Not everybody can duplicate holding a conference call or a webinar, either. Thus, when leaders say one needs to “duplicate”, they are not doing the very thing they’re telling their downline to do! It’s hypocrisy, to me.

What about the Internet Marketers who really know how to market online?

Are we going to sponsor them, and then tell them to get on the phone now and do three-way calls with the sponsor or upline? Or tell him he needs to make outside appointments, hold in-home or hotel meetings? … instead of doing what the Internet Marketer is ALREADY highly skilled at doing?

Doesn’t everybody have their own skill-sets, and strengths and weaknesses? Do we get people to do what they are weak at? … or focus on what they are good at?

John Maxwell says to focus on one’s strengths, and increase those a point or two, to NOT focus on one’s weaknesses. So in my case, that would mean for me to step up my copywriting skills. Is John Maxwell wrong?

I never heard John Maxwell say that one needs to get everybody to robotically do exactly the same thing. I can’t find this part in his message on leadership. Never have I heard him say, “Cater to the lowest denominator of the village idiot, because that’s what’s duplicable.” Never.

I’ve found, there is no such thing as,

“Our system is so simple, any village idiot or caveman can do it.”

If anything was that simple, everybody should be willing to do it, doing it, and each person in this total mythical system should be succeeding. But that’s not the case, is it.

Test. Test. Test.

That’s marketing’s  #1 RULE. Does Network Marketing somehow avoid the rules of marketing? If so, how? I know for a fact that what used to work, may not work as good now, what works now, may not work best in the future.

Every current method of marketing needs to be constantly questioned, measured, and evaluated. That’s a huge part of marketing, isn’t it? How much of this are Network Marketing leaders doing?

Even if you’re going in for a job interview. Is the potential employer going to put you in what you’re not good at? Of course not. The goal is to match your CURRENT abilities to fit the job, isn’t it?

So why don’t many network marketing leaders figure this out with their new distributors? … to find which marketing methods their new distributor will most likely excel at?

Are we going to “match up” a good quarterback with the job of a middle linebacker? That would be insane, wouldn’t it. One MUST take into consideration one’s strengths. To ignore this is pure idiocy.

I get really irked when leaders say, “this is how you should do it”, without even seeming to care about what my abilites are, by them not finding out my own capabilities, and then catering a strategy that matches MY own resources.

Doesn’t this make the most sense? Wouldn’t this help the new distributor move forward the fastest?

One size fits all? Sorry, I don’t buy it.

I’d love to hear your opinion.

One Size Fits ALL in Network Marketing? My Eternal Pet Peeve about some MLM Leaders by
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Wayne Gerald

MLM Productivity Expert at Purium
Wayne Gerald is a MLM Productivity Expert, Copy Writer, Web Designer, and Network Marketer. He opened Japan Neways, and built an organization of 100,000 distributors resulting in 8M in sales each month. After that, he was #1 Top New Volume Producer in Life Force International. Today, he's building his last empire with Purium whole-food superfoods. His mission is to help the "little guy" (M/F) build a great lifestyle, where family health and wealth can be passed from generation to generation.

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