Eliminating Phone Fear – The BIGGEST Bugaboo in Network Marketing?

How to Use the Phone in Network Marketing – Forget Old School

The Most Advanced, and the Only  Phone-Calling Techniques You Should Ever Use

Picking up the phone. The biggest fear of network marketers


OLD SALES GURU MYTH #4: “Rejection is part of the sales process”.

It absolutely is not. Rejection is TRIGGERED by certain things you say, and are doing, which you and millions of other network marketers (and many sales professionals) are likely not aware. No other sales approach in the world, I’ve found, more fully eliminates rejection, other than this “Unlock The Game” methodology.

I want my group to have the most advanced methods available for their success. By using the break-through methods (below), you don’t have to suffer rejection, ruin your self esteem, or feel any regret making phone calls.

The old, frustrating, and rejection causing approaches to “inviting” … calling leads (or calling them back), which you and I, and many network marketers and sales people have been taught, are finally over.

Listen to the audios, and read the articles below for the most state-of-the-art, advanced sales methodology, ever.

Here’s what famous author and Business and Life Skills trainer, Brian Tracy, says about these methods …

free insurance selling Brian Tracy


Unlock The Game is the greatest sales breakthrough in the last 20 years”

“In a new age of frustrating and difficult selling challenges, more specifically the fear of selling, cold calling, and starting new conversations without being rejected, Unlock The Game gives us all the answers to a natural way of selling without creating rejection. Ari you are a genius. Keep up the great!”

If you’re a Network Marketing PRO, you already know when Brian speaks, it’s worth you paying attention.

(I was tempted to post this information only in our Marketing Warriors Group (closed) Facebook group. However, this information about the latest good practices of salesmanship needs to be known by all network marketers. Old school practices are damaging our industry by creating failures, because many distributors are giving up too soon. Regret in picking up the phone is absolutely unnecessary if the right methods are taught.)

I’m fully convinced if you’re not succeeding, you’re either not trained properly (so you have fear and lack of confidence), or  you lack the necessary ambition it takes to succeed. If you’re reading this, I presume the former. :)

One of my primary jobs (duties) as your upline, and it’s yours, too … is to provide our downline with “the class”, the right and most state-of-the art information it takes to succeed in network marketing.

Get ready to eliminate some “fixed ideas” about using the phone, and get ready for a paradigm shift in your thinking, and finally get relief from fear!

Articles and Audio’s on the New Selling Processes

The following 45-minute interview will challenge your thinking and change your mind. You will hear from Arie, an experienced sales trainer, who designed and developed sales training for inside and outside salespeople in very large companies–companies who increased sales because of these techniques.

The purpose of this audio-interview is to provide new cold calling tools and techniques to get sales faster by

¢ Diffusing pressure and removing suspicion
¢ Changing from the “dreaded salesperson” to trusted advisor
¢ Transitioning from selling “product” to problem solving.

You will learn about the following cold calling techniques and topics:

¢ Opening the call
¢ Talking to customers in a non-aggressive way
¢ Examples of what to say that are different from traditional scripts
¢ Avoiding customer negative responses-words to avoid
¢ Avoiding objections and “putting you off” comments
¢ Handling gatekeepers and voice mail.

By applying the techniques you will hear on this interview, you will eliminate fear and reluctance in making cold calls and build trust, help prospects, build sales, and sponsor.

Even though you may have purchased MLM phone leads (recommended), your lead still doesn’t know you, let alone trust you. So all the information below will help you build that trust, and be comfortable doing it.

How to Call Without Rejection

Trust-Based Selling – How to Open the Call

Interview about Trust-Based Selling


Aikido Selling

Begin Your Cold Call (Audio)

Break Cold Calling Fear

Change Your Objective (Audio)

Chasing Decision Makers

Closing Sales

Cold Call With Integrity

Determine a Fit (Audio)

End of Sales Scripts

Follow Up

From Leads to Warm Calls

Getting The Appointment

Great Relationships Through Cold Calling

Hidden Sales Pressure

How To Be Different

Identify a Core Problem (Audio)

Jump Start Your Cold Calls

Lessons From Toby

Lost Sale or Lost Truth

Moving Out of Your Sales Comfort Zone

Numbers Game Shift

Reactions From Tobys Friends

Replace Sales Scripts Ben



Sales Ethics

Selling and Being Humble

Selling Ethics Sliding Scale

Selling Online Selling Offline

Seven Steps to Cold Calling Follow-Up

Start With a Dialogue (Audio)

Stop Chasing Decision Makers

The Call That Changed Everything

The End of Sales Scripts

The Myth of The Inbound Lead

The Silent Treatment

The Story

The Story2

The Trust Factor

Throw Out Your Selling Language

Trust Is Better Than Selling in Cold Calling


Turning Leads Into Warm Calls

Understand Their Mindset (Audio)

Wisdom From Tobys Friends


Because the right
brain is…
Consider this…
1. Involved in process
(not outcome)…

* Before you make a cold call, think to yourself, My goal is not to make the sale but to create a conversation based on how I can help the other person.
2. Intuitive
(not calculating or

* Avoid changing who you are when you make your call. There’s no need to be on stage or to sound enthusiastic. Just be your everyday relaxed self, as if you’re calling a friend. People know when you’re being genuine, and when you’re not.
3. Flexible (not linear)
* Throw out your linear sales script and generate a spontaneous conversation based on the problems you can help the other person solve.

4. Concrete
(not abstract)
* Develop two or three specific problems that you know your product or service solves.

5. Holistic
(not compartmentalized)
* Let go of thinking buyer-seller, and view the person you’re calling as another person, not as a prospect.
6. Open-ended
(not rigid)

* Let go of worrying about driving the conversation forward. Instead, open your call with a problem statement that generates the response What do you mean? or Tell me more.
Eliminating Phone Fear - The BIGGEST Bugaboo in Network Marketing? by
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