Are You a Smart MLM Fisherman? How Many Lines Are In the Water?

Are you building your MLM business like these smart fisherman?

Lady-with-many-fishing-rods Many-Blog-Posts-Like-Many-Fishing-Pole

Each fishing line these anglers have in the water increases their opportunity to catch more fish, doesn’t it.

Are you using their strategy, too?

You can liken each fishing line to each of your blog posts. For every blog post you write, you give yourself yet another opportunity to “catch” a visitor who’s interested in what you have to say, and perhaps funnel them into a lead by subscribing.

Have you ever thought of your blog posts this way?

Each post gets indexed differently in the search engines, depending upon your content and words. So every one of your blog posts are in a different “location” on the Internet.

Knowing each of your blog posts represents another fishing line, how many fishing lines would you want out on the Internet?

10? 100? 200? 1,000? As many as you can write, right? … as fast as you can write them.

Imagine having a giant yacht loaded with “1,000 fishing poles and lines cast out in the water”.

Do you think this may be able to drum up a little business? That’s what a blog has the potential to do for you.

(Soon, I will post an audio by somebody who generates 350 leads a week from his blog, and he tells you how to do it.)

So, don’t you want to generate as many leads as you possibly can?

Well? Get going! :)

Yours for success!,
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P.S. Google does not charge you to index each blog post you write. You can write 10,000 blog posts, and you still won’t be charged even one red penny for all that free exposure on the Internet!

Are You a Smart MLM Fisherman? How Many Lines Are In the Water? by
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Wayne Gerald

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