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Solo Ads have been and still are a solid and inexpensive way to generate quality, targeted traffic.

Many successful marketers have used this method to become wealthy.

With a Solo ad, all you’re doing is sending your lead to someone else’s ‘list‘ or ‘newsletter‘. So until you’ve generated your own significant sized email list, you can leverage others’ lists.

Before I present the list, further below, let’s go over this, first …

How To Build A List with Solo Ads!  

Learn How to Build a list – by Mastering Solo Ads. A beginners’ first method of Generating Traffic

I’ll cover, What are Solo ads, and how do you use Solo ads to build a list, Where do you find a good list of Solo ads to get started with, and Why are Solo ads a very effective form of Marketing

So what are SOLO ads?

In Very basic terms, a Solo Ad is when you (generally) pay someone to send an offer (normally a free Offer) to THEIR list that they have already built. They send this Offer to THEIR list on your behalf, with a recommendation and link to your free opt-in offer squeeze page.

You “rent” a spot on another person’s list to promote your offer. The offer you promote sends people to a Squeeze page. When those people get to your squeeze page to whatever offer you’re promoting (typically a free offer – recommended), they must enter their name and email on that page to get the offer you’re promoting. When they enter their details,  they go on to your email list.

This is how you can build your list of Subscribers through SOLO ads

The Solo ad is a popular way for an Internet marketer to get their message out to a large number of people for a relatively low cost, quickly.

As with most forms of paid Marketing, you have a choice of a fixed price, or a performance agreement. The fixed price option (recommended) includes a minimum amount of clicks (most vendors of Solo ads “over deliver” so you get the required amount of clicks.

Also the fixed-price option gives you full control of your marketing budget.  You know how much it will cost before you pay for the Solo ad.

Now that you know what it is, let’s look at the “How”

How do you use solo ads to build your list?

5 basic Steps you need to know when sending solo ads and they are as follows:

#1 Choose a congruent Landing page/ Squeeze page you want to use to promote your Offer (If you don’t have one you will have to create one).

#2 Create Sales copy which you will use to put in the email. This copy needs to entice people, to want to go and visit your landing page.

TIP: Discuss with the solo ad vendor if they’ll write the SOLO for you. They know their own list better than you. Most solo ad vendors will do this free of charge as part of the package. However, you must ask them … if you don’t ask you won’t get!.

#3 Find the solo ad vendor you want to do business with. Obviously, make sure their list is a likely target market for network marketing and Youngevity.

#4 Use a tracking link to track the stats on your end. Using link shorteners works great, and the majority of them are free, such as ( .

#5 Final Step: Pay for the Solo ads so you can book it for an agreed time slot to run. After that, you can anticipate subscribers to start Opting in to your list.

TIP: Rule of thumb – Test small first with the solo ad vendors if this is your first time. A good way to know if you’ve had a good Solo ad is by the conversion rate. Aim for a minimum of 25% conversion rate from the amount of Clicks, to the amount of Opt-ins you get to your list.

To help you get a head start on most of your competition, here is access to a highly respected Internet marketer’s Solo ad vendors List. His name is Reed Floren, this is his Solo directory.

Another good resource for responsive Solo ads is the Directory of EZINES. You get a complete directory of owners in basically every niche you could possibly imagine. To get a FREE ebook and more information head over to …


Why Solo ads are the most effective form of generating traffic for many people?

Solo ads are a quick way to build your list for a relatively low cost. They are very Warm leads/ potential business opportunity prospects / potential customers. They’ve proven they’re interested in the subject of what you’re promoting.

Use solo ads to build your list, and add VALUE. Never start selling right away to your list.  You’ll get unsubscribes if you do. They’ve shown an interest, so now is the time to build a relationship with them so they …

Know, Like, and Trust You

People need to buy YOU first, before they order the product(s) or join you in the Youngevity opportunity. That’s why you have a blog, to help build relationships. (You do have your blog website set up, right?)


To Get started with Solo Advertising …

1) Contact a list owner

2) Submit your ad

3) Pay & watch the traffic flow in.


To help give you a head-start, so you’re not spending your time researching to find solo ad providers, here is what may be one of the most comprehensive lists of solo ad vendors compiled.




Wayne Dobsonwaynes.solos@gmail.com
Don Leadmandonleadman@gmail.com
Louis Martelsolo@louismartel.com
Pete Bruckshawpetebruckshaw@gmail.com
Ashley Goughinfo@ashleygough.com
Lenin Govealenin.govea@gmail.com
Karl Reynissonkarl@six-figures-fast.com
Riz Nicolassupport@sixfigureonlinemarketers.com
David Lelongdavid@davidlelong.com
Brandon Sheltonbrandonsheltonmarketing@gmail.com
Charles Mutriecharlesmutrie@gmail.com

**MORE VENDORS** (contact by E-mail if no website)

Tim Shrievestim@solosubs.com
Dan Danielsimdandaniels@gmail.com
John Kneitajkneita@gmail.com
Danny Tangdannyt@detangled.com
Bertus Engelbrechtbertuseng@gmail.com
Christina Banytechristina.banyte@gmail.com
Heather Alessandraheatherssolos@gmail.com
Lewis Hillierlewishillier@live.com
Emilis Strimaitis (Emka)strimaitis.emilis@gmail.com
TJ Kharasupport@blueshadowsolutions.com
Zachary Jacobs
Hjalte Ravninfo@elitesoloads.com
Ash Gohilhurricanesoloads@gmail.com
George Kapogkapo@internetultimatetools.com
Kimberly Castleberry
Michelle Tabascolucky.michelle@gmail.com
Rachel SandersRachie2020@yahoo.com
Clayne Keegan
Austin Hilton
Duncan Mcnamarad.m.soloads@gmail.com
Cass Angelinfo@eliteonlinemarketing.net
Charlie Ratcliffecharlie@charliesolo.com
Sabopaul Scremboscrembo@gmail.com
Joni Leung
David Wolfe
Eva Zaherevamarketingsecrets@gmail.com
Joe Laphamjlapham264@gmail.com
Benny Morris
Laura Cozzi
Justin Tillmancashmoneyblueprint@gmail.com
Jack Coxilljackwork121@gmail.com
Dan Spingoladspingola@gmail.com
Danny Madeira
Kristen Darkenwaldkristen@kristendarkenwald.com
Simon Fuscoinfo@adfwpublishing.com
James Jordanjames-jordan@cashsuperstar.com
Luis Riverainfo@banksixfigures.com
Brian Styerwaltbswv36@gmail.com
Tomer Algrablytomerep@gmail.com
Todd Matherne
Martin The Bear Statenmartin@bigbearmarketing.co
Lucas Adamskilucas@killermarketing.net
Jerry Kohgetyoursixfigure@gmail.com
Ryan Coissontnmmarketingsupport@gmail.com
Steve Scrillasgordon006@gmail.com
Shu Deessupport@internetprofitbuzz.com
Steve Brownshaolin.steve@gmail.com
Ysaac Benytzchok770@yahoo.com
Chris FarshayCmfarcher@gmail.com
Josh Adlespergerjosh@joshadlesperger.com
Peter Paulpeterpaulmarketing@gmail.com
Frank Kerley
Igor Kheifetskheifets.igor@gmail.com
Jesus Leoninfo@jesus-leon.com
Angelo Saysoninfo@angelosayson.com
Nate Hollandsupport@soloads.me
Chrisi Darringtonnetwoozygal@yahoo.com
Juan Moralessolos@jrmorales.com
Peter Jonessolo@yourmarketingformula.com
Paul Prissickpaul@thepaulprissickgroup.com
Heimir Finnsonheimir@heimirfinnson.com
Kevin Faheyinfo@kevinfahey.ws
Steve Lorenzo
Mark Gurneymark@onlineprofitsinc.com
Andrea Smith-Fultonafulton1977@gmail.com
Atheer Fendiatheer.fendi@gmail.com
Bilaal Hussaininfo@internettrafficmethods4u.com
Jeffery Baxter Jr.tatebros@gmail.com
Bryan (the Phenom)
Gary L Lewisgary@garyllewis.com
Jayson Benoitadmin@marketingwithjayson.com
Vince Crainesolos@vincecraine.com
Gary Bakerjempub@gmail.com
Colm Wynneinfo@colmwynne.com
Frank Dangfrankdang07@gmail.com
Phil Springerpstephenspringer@gmail.com
JT Martinjtsimbiz@gmail.com
Abel Chuaabel@the6figuresuccess.com
Colin Meuniercolinmeunier1@gmail.com
Beatrice Browninfo@bbprofits.com
Sean Storeyseanj.storey@googlemail.com
Brandon Loney
Alex Fieldsredpointprofits@gmail.com
Nataliya Piterovasoloads@properebooks.com
Randy Koehler
Cal Champlincpchamplin@gmail.com
Dennis Pippindennis@dennispippin.com
Daniel FalkDaniel@supersoniclistprofits.com
Peter Rosenblum
Angela Clarkangela@angeladclark.com
Rhia Taylorrhia@rhiataylor.com
Gail Richardsongailjrichardson@gmail.com
JP Baileybusinesstapping@gmail.com
Matthew Barnett
Seth Riley
Lars Mikuta
Mike Collins
Michael Hamm
Louis Martel
Marc Milburn
J.R. Quarlesjrquarles1914@gmail.com
Denise Johnsonsoloads@johnsondd.com
David Hyattdhyatt1987@gmail.com
Brian Lee
Lisa Huffmanlisahuffman2u@gmail.com
Amber Jonesjones@success4allbiz.com
Derek Jamiesonwaveteamtraffic@gmail.com
Rodger Hyatt
David Collins
Mark Lyfordsales@lyfordmarketing.com
Thomas Burkethomasburke777@gmail.com
Kenneth Kraakstadkraaksta@gmail.com
Anthony Tilleyanthony@anthonytilley.com
Brocha WeissBrochaSolos@gmail.com
Vicky Nguyenvickihelpdesk@gmail.com
Craig Raphaelwebmaster@esourceinfo.com





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