Take Charge of Your Life – Audio by Jim Rohn

Take Charge of Your Life


Picture of Jim Rohn“When talking about personal success, I like to ask four questions. Why? Why not? Why not you? Why not now?” – Jim Rohn

Why not acquire the means to travel first class through life, to see the Mona Lisa first hand, to swim the crystal waters of the Bahamas, to the sample of food in Paris or Africa?

By learning these techniques, you will discover how a change of attitude can change your entire life:

The five major pieces of the life puzzle.
How to fine tune thinking habits.
The power of personal development.
How to become more than you are.
Setting goals.
Designing a life verses just “making a living”.
Diseases of attitude.
How to use life’s “negatives” to your advantage.
The day that turns your life around.
Examine the incredible effect of emotions on your life.
Turning your emotions into profit and productivity.

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