The Courage to Be Successful

By Mike Ognek

Becoming successful requires courage.

Courage and Success

In the achievement of any worthy goal, you must overcome mental barriers, take risks, and proceed in the face of fear and adversity. Deciding to act with courage is what can carry you beyond your fear – and whatever may be standing in the way of success in your business and in your life.

You cannot hope to be successful without taking risks.

The safe path is the easy path. However, the tradeoff for taking the safe route is mediocre returns. It’s universally true that the greater the risk, the greater the reward. The more calculated risk you take, the more successful you can be.

An average life does not require too much from us.

A truly excellent, successful one is demanding. Yet the payoff is exponentially more – it’s worth the effort, mental toughness, and risk taking that it demands.

And yet in the face of risk, our fears and mental barriers arise. Some would let those fears and mental barriers prevent them from becoming successful. Others proceed in spite of their fear, and consequently achieve success. The distinguishing factor – the difference between the two – is courage.

Courage is not a feeling. It’s a decision.

Courage is a determination to persist in spite of obstacles, dangers, and fear. This determination has to come from your will to succeed – no matter what. You may be feeling fearful and apprehensive in the face of adversity, but you must exercise your will, your courage, and continue in order to ultimately be successful.

Some of your enemies in your quest to be successful are internal.

Certain mental barriers may have been formed from your early childhood experiences or other circumstances in your life. In your mind, you’ve set up a belief system based on those experiences and circumstances. Unfortunately, they may be holding you back from being successful.

Fear is another obstacle to be overcome.

We may face a challenge, but the fear starts in our minds – where your mental barriers also originate. The best cure for these internal obstacles is action. You will find that your fear and mental barriers will evaporate as you take courageous actions consistently, and are consistently successful.

Acting courageously also increases your level of courage.

The more you face your fears and jump over mental barriers, the more successful you will be, and the more courageous you become. Continually facing adversity and exercising courageousness will drive you to higher levels of courage – and higher levels of success as well.

We will face obstacles, problems, and challenges on the way to becoming successful. It’s a given. However, it’s our response to those obstacles, problems, and challenges that makes the difference. It’s our decision, too, whether to succumb to fear or make the decision to exercise courage instead.

Life is full of risks, challenges, and problems.

Why not make the decision to face them with courage and to pursue success, in spite of fear and mental barriers?

To be successful, choose to act courageously, no matter what you are facing. And remember that the courageous always win in the end.


(I thought this was so good, I had to post it before I forgot to do it. I found this article to be one of the best on courage and success I’ve ever read.)

The Courage to Be Successful by
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