Will Your New Year Resolutions Last More Than 1 Week?

How to Stick to Your New Year Resolutions

You may wonder why some people don’t make it in network marketing. Perhaps this will give you an idea why …

Pathetically, 25% of Americans can’t stick to their New Year resolutions for even a whole week!

So if you wonder why you may never hear from 25% of those you sponsor, after a week, now you know why. We’re not talking about a network marketing issue, this is a PEOPLE issue.

Do you see why I’m driving life skills and training so hard on this website? I know at the core of success is “getting to the class”, which is THE FUEL to help drive ambition and stay PERSISTENT.

In 1995, when I was in Neways, my stupid direct sponsor quit. The only reason I ended up under this stupid sponsor is because I had a stupid upline. My upline passed me down 3 levels and put me under a stupid sponsor, because they didn’t have time to deal me, as I couldn’t afford the 100BV Autoship at the time. In their mind, I wasn’t serious about the business. Truth is, I really couldn’t afford it then.

What they didn’t anticipate was my AMBITION and PERSISTENCE. I ended up opening Japan, and my three stupid upline leaders lost thousands of dollars in monthly income just because they didn’t take me seriously. My stupid sponsor had quit BEFORE I opened Japan. I don’t know if he ever learned what he lost. We never talked.

Goes to show you, NEVER judge people based on their ability to pay the highest autoship.

Also, STAY IN THE GAME. NEVER QUIT. You never know what’s going to eventually happen with your downline. Stay OUT of the instant gratification game, too. You’ll self-sabotage yourself just like my stupid upline did.

How to Stick to Your New Year Resolutions

Will Your New Year Resolutions Last More Than 1 Week? by
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Wayne Gerald

MLM Productivity Expert at Purium
Wayne Gerald is a MLM Productivity Expert, Copy Writer, Web Designer, and Network Marketer. He opened Japan Neways, and built an organization of 100,000 distributors resulting in 8M in sales each month. After that, he was #1 Top New Volume Producer in Life Force International. Today, he's building his last empire with Purium whole-food superfoods. His mission is to help the "little guy" (M/F) build a great lifestyle, where family health and wealth can be passed from generation to generation.

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